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[TRANSLATION] NewType 50 Questions: Suzaku

What they are: apparently a semi-regular NewType Romance feature? Questions asked of Suzaku and answered in-character, from a February 2007 issue.
Translated by: me!

You can find Lelouch's version here, also translated by me / [personal profile] rainfall.

50 Questions for Suzaku

1. Birthday

July 10th.

2. Bloodtype

Type O.

3. Your height is?

[NOTE: ~5'9"]

4. Favorite color?

Red. Because of the passionate impression it gives. And also because it's in my name. (It's written with katakana, but if I wrote it in kanji... that'd be the meaning.)
[NOTE: 'Suzaku' can be written in a variety of ways, but he was certainly named after the Vermilion Bird of the South, just as his father Genbu was named after the Black Tortoise of the North.]

5. Hobbies?

Maybe something like fishing, I used to do that a lot.

6. Liberal arts? Sciences? Or are you more the athletic type?

Well, my reflexes are my best asset, so I think I'm the athletic type...

7. What's your best subject?

Maybe... P.E. That's not great, huh? I'll have to try harder.

8. What are your marks like?
[NOTE: Grades, test scores, etc.]

Well, since I only started attending school recently, I can't really say. Someone went to a lot of trouble to ensure I'd be able to go, though, so I'm going to hang in there.

9. Your dream for the future?

For this country to be free from strife.

10. Please describe your personality in no fewer than two characters and no more than six.

"Genuine". Miss Milly said that, so maybe? It's hard to argue with Madam President.
[NOTE: Lit. "When the President says things, somehow I can't disagree with her."]

11. Please tell us what your strong and weak points are.

My diligence could be a strength, I guess. But I'm also pretty rough, and I make a lot of little mistakes, so. Those are weaknesses, right?

12. Favorite foods?

I like foods with strong flavors. Like with a demiglace sauce, that sort of thing.

13. Your least favorite foods?

Miss Cecile's original creations. This doesn't leave this room, but... they're pretty hard to take.

14. After you wake up, what's the first thing you taste?
[NOTE: Lit. "put in your mouth", but it's an expression that means eat or drink. (Translating it this way so as to make Suzaku's answer more comprehensible.)]

My toothbrush.

15. Morning person? Night person?

Well, I've been in the military for a while now, so I'm basically a morning person. Though, if I put my mind to it, I can sleep anywhere at anytime.

16. Which do you prefer, baths or showers?

I mostly take showers.
[NOTE: Lit. "I take a lot of showers." :( ]

17. When did you first fall in love? (And with whom?)

An older girl who worked in my house when I was little. I was only three or so, but I was an early bloomer, you see.

18. Your greatest failure?

Well, that would be something I can't tell anyone...

19. How do you vent your frustrations?

空に向かって大声で叫びます。 もちろん、人のいないところで・・・・・・
I yell into the sky. Somewhere there's no one else around, of course...

20. Who would you say is your personal hero?

I think someone who, for the sake of what they love and what's important to them, sticks to their own principles... could be called a hero.

21. Indoor type? Outdoor type?

I'm the outdoor type.

22. What's in your wallet?

Cash is king.
[NOTE: Lit. "I'm the king of small change."]

23. Special skill?

I'm a fast runner. --To escape? Not at all!

24. How do you commute to school?

I walk. Because I live directly across the street from my school.

25. When have you been glad to be a man?

At points, I've been glad I don't need to fret about wearing makeup or being fashionable, that sort of thing. But when you're in the military, it doesn't change much.

26. What do you most want to eat right now?

Gorgeous 4 Pizza. I mean, it's 'gorgeous', I want to see what that's like.
[NOTE: This is an item off Pizza Hut's menu, because of course it is.]

27. Describe your ideal family situation.

I won't ask for too much. Just to be with a person I love.

28. Favorite season?

Spring. Because I like cherry blossoms, and it's just an exciting time of year, don't you think?

29. Do you get up easily in the morning, or is it a struggle?

I wake up in a flash.
[NOTE: Lit. "without hesitation", "in a single blow", etc.]

30. How many hours of sleep do you get on average?

I sleep six hours a night.

31. Your last dream?

An enormous monster attacked me. What was especially scary was that it had Arthur's face!

32. How much time does it take you to get ready in the morning?

Two minutes on a fast day, five minutes on a slow day. Three of those minutes are spent brushing my teeth.

33. Do you have anyone you admire?

セシルさんは、優しくて頼れる先輩です。それから、ユーフェミア様。 あ、女性ばかりですね。
Miss Cecile, she's a gentle mentor you can rely on. Also, Lady Euphemia. Oh, I guess they're all women...
[NOTE: Cecile is his 'senpai'. Also, 'Euphemia-sama', which is technically non-gendered, so maybe for consistency ("Yes, my lord") it should actually be 'Lord Eupehmia'.]

34. Please tell us how you spend your holidays.

I go into the city, so that I can see other people living their lives up close.

35. Western food or Japanese food?
[NOTE: Lit. "clique" or "faction" again.]

Well, miso soup is a must. In fact, I'm making some right now.

36. If you could be born again, what would you like to be?

Looking at Arthur makes me think it might be nice to be an animal... still, I'd like to be reborn as a human.

37. What have you been really into lately?

Mingling with the other student council members. It's just -- been a while, since I had friends.

38. Your favorite animal?

I like all animals.

39. Of the necessities for life (clothing, food, shelter), which is the most important?

I'd say food is fundamental, but. If you think about it, clothing is a contender, too.

40. Sorry to spring this on you, but what is love?

It might be something that gets taken away from you. But that's sad.

41. Please take a guess at what you'll be like 30 years from now.

I think I'll have thicker hair than Lelouch. (lol)

42. If you could travel through time, when would you return to?

Those summer days I spent with Lelouch and Nunnally.
[NOTE: the use of "ya" here implies also someone else, maybe Toudou?]

43. Favorite book? (Or what magazines do you read frequently?)

Lately, I've been reading cat magazines.

44. Your preferred type of woman?

Women who are strong to the core are attractive. --Do I prefer older women? Ah, that's not really...

45. Is it better to devote yourself, or to have someone else devote themselves to you?
[NOTE: I honestly have no idea what this word is supposed to mean in this context ("to exhaust/run out", "to devote/serve (a person)", "to befriend") and both their answers are ambiguous. I took a guess. Either way, it's an active vs. passive question.]

I'd like to try receiving devotion, but I think I'm the devoting type.

46. Did you receive any Valentine's Day chocolate? How much?

Well, someone like me, it's just...

47. What would you do with a million yen? (Like if you won the lottery?)
[NOTE: approx. 7700GBP or 9900USD as of 2016]

If I won the lottery... The first thing I'd do would be pay for my tuition. I'm very much indebted to others right now.

48. What type of person is Lelouch?

At first glance, he seems coldhearted, right? But he's really a gentle, passionate guy.

49. We've already reached the forty-ninth question. Are you getting tired?

No, the time really flew by.

50. What do you want for Christmas?

I don't need anything myself. Whatever you would have given to me can be passed on to kids.