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[TRANSLATION] NewType 50 Questions: Lelouch

What they are: apparently a semi-regular NewType Romance feature? Questions asked of Lelouch and answered in-character, from a February 2007 issue.
Translated by: me!

You can find Suzaku's version here, also translated by me / [personal profile] rainfall.

50 Questions for Lelouch

1. Birthday

December 5th.

2. Bloodtype

Type A.

3. Your height is?

[NOTE: ~5'10"]

4. Favorite color?

Violet. Because it's said to be a refined color, and it has the greatest mysterious appeal.

5. Hobbies?

I like making things by hand, do-it-yourself projects, that sort of thing.
[NOTE: Lit. "Weekend carpenter" and "handicrafts".]

6. Liberal arts? Sciences? Or are you more the athletic type?

What a meaningless question.

7. What's your best subject?


8. What are your marks like?
[NOTE: Grades, test scores, etc.]

I think they're on the high end, but I'm not sure.
[NOTE: sometimes the usage of 知らない (as opposed to 分からない) carries with it an implication of "...and I don't care to find out".]

9. Your dream for the future?

To overthrow Britannia.
[NOTE: This is not the same phrase Lelouch uses at the start of the show, where he says ブリタニアを打っ壊す -- 'crush, wreck, destroy'.]

10. Please describe your personality in no fewer than two characters and no more than six.

"Rock". That's only one character, but it's read as "iwa"! In other words, I don't let small things get to me. --Yes I do? Don't be absurd.

11. Please tell us what your strong and weak points are.

I've never even thought about it.

12. Favorite foods?

Foods that are tender or creamy. Like shrimp, or pudding.
[NOTE: Lit. "tender (to chew)" and "yielding, soft, elastic". Lelouch's descriptors both here and below are all texture, not flavor-related.]

13. Your least favorite foods?

Gooey foods. Things like natto, or grated yam.

14. After you wake up, what's the first thing you taste?
[NOTE: Lit. "put in your mouth", but it's an expression that means eat or drink. (Translating it this way so as to make Suzaku's answer more comprehensible.)]


15. Morning person? Night person?

Night person. I'm just like the owl of Minerva.
[NOTE: A reference to 19th-century idealist philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, who famously said, "the owl of Minerva spreads its wings only with the falling of the dusk."]

16. Which do you prefer, baths or showers?

I tried using a narrow bathtub for the first time after arriving Japan. As long as it's just once in a while, it's nice enough.

17. When did you first fall in love? (And with whom?)

I'd rather keep that to myself.

18. Your greatest failure?

When I couldn't protect my mother and sister.

19. How do you vent your frustrations?

I determine the root cause of my frustrations and address it. Then there's nothing to vent.

20. Who would you say is your personal hero?

My mother.

21. Indoor type? Outdoor type?

I won't bother thinking about that, as I can't imagine what point there would be to such a categorization.

22. What's in your wallet?

I don't carry cash. I'm a credit card-user.
[NOTE: Lit. "credit card faction" or "clique".]

23. Special skill?

I suppose you could say I'm clever with my hands.

24. How do you commute to school?

I live on campus.

25. When have you been glad to be a man?

I've never imagined what it would be like to be a woman.

26. What do you most want to eat right now?

Curry udon. It's a food that surpasses cultural barriers.

27. Describe your ideal family situation.

In traditional Japanese architecture, there's this concept of a central pillar. A single pillar that supports the entire house. I think the head of a household should be like that.

28. Favorite season?

Winter. Because it helps me focus. Much better than summer, which brings back unpleasant memories.
[NOTE: Lit. "As for summer, it reminds me of unpleasant things, so I hate it."]

29. Do you get up easily in the morning, or is it a struggle?

Something of a struggle. I have low blood pressure, after all.

30. How many hours of sleep do you get on average?

Approximately three? But, including naps throughout the day, I might sleep more like six hours.

31. Your last dream?

I dreamt a meteorite landed on and crushed me. I blame C.C.'s awful sleeping posture.

32. How much time does it take you to get ready in the morning?

I've never paid attention.

33. Do you have anyone you admire?


34. Please tell us how you spend your holidays.

休日? そういう発想はない。
Holiday? That word isn't in my dictionary.
[NOTE: Lit. "I don't have that sort of concept."]

35. Western food or Japanese food?
[NOTE: Lit. "clique" or "faction" again.]

洋食とは何だ?ああ、総称か? なら洋食かな、イタリアンが好きだ。
What's 'western food'? --Oh, it's a generic term? Then, western, I suppose; I like Italian.

36. If you could be born again, what would you like to be?


37. What have you been really into lately?

Forming an organization, I suppose.

38. Your favorite animal?

Cats. They're lithe and beautiful. Like the waltz. Though Arthur is... more like a pop song.

39. Of the necessities for life (clothing, food, shelter), which is the most important?

Shelter. It's a person's base of operations, as well as their place of refuge -- fundamental to any country.

40. Sorry to spring this on you, but what is love?

Something given unconditionally.

41. Please take a guess at what you'll be like 30 years from now.

I'd like you to pray for me that my hair won't become anything like that man's...
[NOTE: Lit. "rolls", but almost certainly a reference to Charles's hair. In one of the directorial commentaries, Taniguchi joked that maybe that's Charles's natural hair, rather than a wig.]

42. If you could travel through time, when would you return to?

I suppose, if I would still remember what I know now, I'd be able to prevent all of it from happening...
[NOTE: 'fukou' means 'sorrow/misfortune/disaster/death'.]

43. Favorite book? (Or what magazines do you read frequently?)

Lord of the Rings, Il Principe, Hamlet...
[NOTE: That's the original Japanese translation of Tolkein's work (lit. 'Legend of the Ring'), and Machiavelli's 'The Prince' (lit. 'Essay on Ruling'). As a reminder, Machiavelli was being satirical, and Lelouch would know that.]

44. Your preferred type of woman?

A soft person. Do you understand what I mean?

45. Is it better to devote yourself, or to have someone else devote themselves to you?
[NOTE: I honestly have no idea what this word is supposed to mean in this context ("to exhaust/run out", "to devote/serve (a person)", "to befriend") and both their answers are ambiguous. I took a guess. Either way, it's an active vs. passive question.]

I find it more fulfilling to want than to be wanted.

46. Did you receive any Valentine's Day chocolate? How much?

教えない。(貰えなかったんだろうって?) 貰えたさいくつかは! なぜかナナリーの方が数多かったけどな。
I won't answer that. ..."Probably didn't get anything", you say? I did get some! Not as many as Nunnally, though, for whatever reason.

47. What would you do with a million yen? (Like if you won the lottery?)
[NOTE: approx. 7700GBP or 9900USD as of 2016]

I'd invest it and make ten times as much.

48. What type of person is Suzaku?

Softhearted to the point of being a fool...

49. We've already reached the forty-ninth question. Are you getting tired?

I've been tired of this since the fifth question.

50. What do you want for Christmas?

A sewing machine. I'm going to update my cloak and mask.