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Corpse Bride

This movie is very quiet and understated, and I feel like an awful person confessing this, but the first time I watched it it was with someone else underwhelmed by the movie, and I think his reaction was catching.

I was expecting The Nightmare Before Christmas REDUX or something, I think, and this movie isn't it -- the musical numbers, and indeed most of the rest of it, is much more subdued. And without that raucous energy, I just... stopped really watching.

I rented it only on [livejournal.com profile] kay_willow's urging, because she'd never seen it, and part of me wanted to see the ending, which I'd totally missed.

Anyway, enough confessing my dark sins (seriously, not having loved this movie feels like one): So. awesome.

Corpse Bride > Enchanted. It is fact. )

This is so awesome. I can't even express it really. Main Guy did not get Main Girl. Hollywood so very, very rarely does that. (And it would have been so easy to make Victor's new suitor somehow perfect for her and tie her off that way.) They touched and changed each other, he helped her and she helped him (before her, I don't think he would've been able to articulate his feelings for Victoria), but they didn't end up in bed together.

Omg, seriously.
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I'm such a dork, I couldn't think of anything I wanted for Christmas until about three days ago. XD Then I cleaned the whole apartment, and remembered how much I want a futon cover for my futon.

The one that fits my bed is $139, so obviously this isn't a present I could've asked Mom for anyway, but I thought, maybe in smaller doses... :3

Here is the futon cover I'm looking to get, and specifically I want this pretty red and gold kanji pattern. Mmmm, kanji.

So, here's a holding page for linking friends to that want to help out.

If you so desire, donate, comment, and I'll write you a little chunk o' fic in return. :3

(Don't worry, everyone~, drabble challenge is still going. I'm working on the next one even now. ;) I needed to grab a manga volume to write it, but I've got that now, and the house is clean, I wrote a ridiculous amount of porn, etc., etc. *purr* It's coming, it's coming~.)

ETA: Yeah, it's a weird email address. Intentional! That's my spam-catcher. D:
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Done with finals. To-do list now includes:

1.) Clean up apartment;
2.) Find people to move in for us in January;
3.) Sign up for classes (I know I'm way behind, but I'm STILL struggling to figure out what hours I should work around);
4.) Sign up for [livejournal.com profile] springkink;
5.) Do a piece for [livejournal.com profile] bleach_het's December meme;
6.) Finish exchange fic for [livejournal.com profile] bleach_bdsm;
7.) Start up My Game, [livejournal.com profile] kay_willow's Game;
8.) Breathe. :D

Eight, of course, being the least important of them all.

Tonight, I slacked off of everything by popping in Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix and dying repeatedly.

And game babble goes here! )
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I SHOULD BE IN BED. :D Instead, have the results of my pairing meme.

A note: if you like any pairing I've listed here as not liking, I still love you. ♥ I hope you still love me. ._.

Harry Potter~ )

Kingdom Hearts~ )

Bleachbleachbleach )
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So full of spoilers, from Series 1-3 + Torchwood.

Also, should be working on my research paper, but I've got half my quizzes for Friday done, so I'm not doing so terribly really. Tomorrow will also be for schoolwork.

So, here's some babble on the love of the Doctor's life.

A Rose, by any other name~ )

Annnnd, back to work!
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I'm actually fine with college at the moment, but I wanted to use this icon. I'm AT college. It's close enough. :O

Video game babble, featuring Twilight Princess and Yoshi's Island )

Other things:

The RTD sucks. Really, really sucks. It hasn't happened often -- three times in the last two years -- but every time it does, I die a little inside: the 112 drives off early (or the B Local arrives two minutes late), and I see it leaving as we pull into Broomfield with no way of catching it except to fling myself out the window at the intersection of a major highway. This very nearly resulted in my missing my first class (the 112 comes once every HOUR), but a Call-n-Ride driver was super-nice and dropped me off at Front Range. He made it clear however that not only should I not expect this but I should never mention it to anyone again. (I can trust my Flist, right? XD)

So yeah. I'm instructed to be sure and report it to the RTD so that they do something -- supposedly every day this time (12:40), the bus just doesn't wait. (It can't be EVERY day, I've taken this bus before, but if it's really frequent I'll DEFINITELY want to complain.)


I get such a zen out of doing simple math problems. It's nice and mindless and you can totally find your inner peace. Mathmathmath~

Off to class!
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*uses icon 'cuz it's pretty!*

So, new adorable layout. *claws a bit at the pink version, nuuuu, everyone must know i'm female~* Psychology always does this to me.

(There's a rant there concerning the way my last professor taught all the crap on homosexuality, and what's actually in the textbook about it, but, bah, that's not really the point of this little entry~.)

Besides, according to my Bible icon, bunnies are an abomination unto the lord, c.f. Leviticus. And. You know. You just can't go wrong with that!

I've got in two hours.

I probably should've done the homework for it.

...ah well! There was something entertaining on [livejournal.com profile] ruinreverse, and now I just can't be bothered. ♥

I can't believe it's almost the weekend again. (I don't have class on Fridays.)

I so very need to get cracking on [livejournal.com profile] kay_willow's birthday present. But the pictures of everyone's hair is at home, and I've never drawn [one of] these characters before. D: And then when I get home, there's RP and homework to distract me...

*needs a laptop so that she can also be distracted by rp at school look at reference pictures, yes*

By the way, does anyone know a brand of tablet PC they'd swear by? CNET had some reviews, but no one says anything about what it's like to really draw with one. Everybody seems to be essentially buying them for $2000 pads of paper. (They want to use them to take notes in meetings. What is wrong with these people.)

I actually wanted to get a Sony VAIO, due to the previous discussion in [livejournal.com profile] kay_willow's journal, but they only make mini-tablet PCs. (And. really, what's the point?)

Also: Wtf, I'm using this as an actual JOURNAL. Sort of. Wow! It's been AGES since that happened. XD
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Well. You know what? It's only fair. All the t.A.T.u. songs were Axel, of COURSE all the P!nk ones would be Roxas.

Who Knew - Roxas POV on Axel, post-KHII )

Long Way to Happy - Roxas POV on DiZ, Twilight Town )

Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely) - Roxas POV, pre-KHII, all over Axel )

And, zomg, one that's not JUST Roxas's POV.

I'm Not Dead - Roxas and Axel POV, their relationship through KH:CoM-KHII )

All of the songs on this CD kind of make me think of Roxas, though. Including the girly bitchy ones. Hahahaha.

Honorable mentions: 'Cuz I Can, U + UR Hand )

So, yeah. I'm officially a really horrible person. But you know you love me?
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Man, every time I get a new CD, my obession colors it. ♥ But here are some selections from t.A.T.u.'s 2005 "Dangerous and Moving" albumn that make me think of Axel/Roxas.

Why are all of these songs Axel POV to me. Now I want him lipsynching to t.A.T.u. Although honestly that's not the worst thing he's had to sing along with in videos, so I guess I shouldn't feel so bad. XD

All About Us (Another Side AU, probably) )

Friend or Foe (Twilight Town, but assuming romantic relationship) )

Sacrifice (yeah, what do you think?) )
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More fun with vague contemplation of astrological signs. Connects to this post on Axel! Roxas was tentatively assigned Aquarius based upon the first blue icon in this set.

So, on with the info on Aquarians, taken from some random astrology website. It's not as on-the-money as Axel's, but everything that isn't Roxas sounds exactly like Sora. And vice-versa, especially in the positive and negative traits.

Some serious things that indicate Roxas would be an Aquarius... )

Some less than serious things that indicate he'd be an Aquarius... )

And since that was so short, let's do the Greek myth... )

And completely randomly... )

Additionally: Aquarius is associated with the Star in Tarot, and is ruled by Saturn.
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So, yeah. Having fun with vague contemplation of astrological signs. (Roxas is trickier~ [livejournal.com profile] kay_willow and I are thinking Aquarius, which he would of course share with Sora.) Axel's.....pretty straightforward, really.

And the whole discussion was started by the bluish-purplish Scorpio icon in this set here. (I'm going to make a set for the Organization members, it's absolutely necessary. ♥ And some for Chinese astrology, too. Someone needs to be Year of the Cat. I can't decide if it'd be Roxas, because he's shiny and special, or Demyx, because the poor boy just can't fit in. ♥ Maybe it should depend on who's Year of the Rat, since it's Rat's fault that Cat isn't a part of the zodiac...)

So, on with the info on Scorpios, taken from some random astrology website. See if you don't think this stuff fits Axel to a T.

Some serious things that indicate Axel would be a Scorpio... )

Some less than serious things that indicate he'd be a Scorpio... )

Additionally: Scorpio is associated with Death in Tarot, and is ruled by Mars.
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So, Kingdom Hearts is kind of big and confusing. All of the broad strokes, I think, make sense, but some of the details are a little trickier to pin down.

For example:

The Many Faces of Ansem [SPOILERS] )

...I'm crazy, huh?
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So, finally got around to listening to "Bleed Like Me," the latest Garbage CD. I'm all FULL of Kingdom Hearts II and Roxas/Axel and and and. So, yes. Some lyrics.

Things that are in bold strike me as particularly significant. ♥

Bad Boyfriend - cut because some people might not want details on Roxas and Axel's kinky sex life? )

Right Between the Eyes - Cut for spoilers? )

And there are actually more songs on this album that seem vaguely reminiscent, such as "Metal Heart" or "Why Do You Love Me" -- but~, these are my favorites.

And I wonder why I'm never prepared for class. Eheheh. Really, I've got homework to do!
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So, yes. My head's a noisy place, apparently. A friend of mine and I were talking, and I quoted him something parenthetical from the Another Side AU, wherein Sora claimed to "know about sex". I figured this was in a five-year-old kinda way, but the friend said this:

*Pats Sora on the head* Little dude, "knowing about sex" does not constitute playing a few rounds of "doctor," "show and tell" or even "house."

And that got Sora started.

Oh, Kay-san, you'll be so proud of me! Riku has a *'d thing for his Keyblade(s) now. )

And at least part of Axel is thinking, "Damn it, what the hell's the point of doing the right thing if you get blamed for it anyway?"

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