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In which I discover that far too many of the small commodities in our kitchen are uncomfortably past their sell-by date!

> attempts to have a healthy breakfast involving yogurt and oatmeal

> no the other Greek yogurt was open and had a sell by date in september; it's probably fine, since it's yogurt, but let's not risk it today

> attempts to add apple sauce

> no can't get that stupid thing open

> oh hey squeezable apple sauces

> ...September

> let's try it anyway, they're still sealed

> ...this taste is uncertainty-causing :|a

> more oatmeal?? NOPE that was the last of it

> dammit this other yogurt is sealed but DECEMBER 20, 2010

> how is this fucking thing still in our 'fridge

> has a carrot :(

I lack an icon to adequately describe this level of failure.
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Not having flood lights outside my bedroom window.

Okay, this is an exaggeration, but there are security lights around our complex, and one of them is right outside my bedroom window. This was not a problem at any of the previous three apartments I have lived in, so I am fairly confident in my ability to secure a bedroom, in the future, where this is once again not the case.

(Things I am looking forward to about moving will be an ongoing series! Enjoy it. Also, I'm sorry about the current layout. Still poking around with colors.)

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