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Spoiler alert: I might be done with Yahtzee for a while.

I don't understand what Yahtzee wants from a game, and I understand that -- in a way -- that's the point. He's the Unpleasable Critic. He exists solely to slam games for poor decisions. His positive reviews are rare.

But that doesn't mean his criticisms are fair.

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Fuck you, Viz.

This is just such ridiculous bullshit.

If you aren't familiar with MangaStream, they have done their best to keep their scanslations from keeping people from buying the licensed manga. They don't have an archive, deleting chapters after only a couple of weeks. You cannot use MangaStream's site to do ANYTHING but keep up to date with the series.

Well done, Viz. Well done. This was clearly an entirely proportional response. I'm not going to just stop reading DGM, though, and I am sure as hell not going to start buying your Bleach official translations where everybody's names are wrong. (Orihime calls Ichigo "Kurosaki-kun", not "Ichigo". Go awayyyy.)

When studies already say that pirating doesn't harm industries, isn't it just ridiculous to jump on something like MangaStream that isn't even providing an alternative to your product?
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More voice actor comparisons for Silent Hill 2: HD.

An unpopular opinion I've voiced pretty frequently: I like the new voices. A lot. From this sample, Angela is my favorite part. I respect the artistic integrity of the voice actress; I know that they, for some reason, wanted to make her look and sound a lot older than she really was. (Angela is supposed to be 18, it says so in the instruction manual or on the Japanese site; I forget which.) But I like how -- natural and human the new voice sounds.

I also like Troy Baker's James and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn's Mary, but Angela was new for me to hear and I love it.

BUT DON'T WORRY. If you hate them, you can turn 'em right off.

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...Wow, really? XD You go out of your way to license R2-D2, and then you say he's from Naboo...

I'm having trouble imagining the target audience that would be like, "Aw yeah, R2-D2!" and not go, "...Tatooine. You meant Tatooine, right?"

I guess we're looking for the segment of the population who thinks R2-D2 is cool, but hasn't actually seen any of the movies. :|a
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So, here's the deal.

We would like to watch The West Wing today.

The first season of The West Wing is in our possession. It's unopened, although not something that was bought recently. I remove the plastic wrap, put in the DVD.

On the third episode, it skips unrecoverably. It continues to do that for the remaining episode. The disk is not dirty; I wipe it off meticulously anyway. The skip continues. I try it in our PS3 instead, which is notoriously more sensitive and plays skippy disks better: no luck. Still unrecoverable.


I find that Netflix can play these episodes. I want to use a free trial, since I don't really want to sign up for their service, especially since I can't actually tell what their library looks like. (They claim to have "Seasons 1-3" of Parks & Recreations, which I know was streaming instantly when we had an account, and just "The West Wing", which I know was not streaming when we had our account. There's no distinction between the two listings on their stupid site.)

All I want is the free trial, so that I can watch something I ALREADY OWN, legally, without skipping issues.

Netflix starts to give me the free trial, then notes that my credit card information, which I guess they kept on file, matches an account they used to have. They pop up a message saying that I'm not eligible for the free trial, but hey, I can keep renew my service and they'll happily charge me!

Yeah, no. You're not getting my fucking money, Netflix. Not today or ever. I was willing to take a look and see if your stock had improved. I was willing to consider paying for your service again. But this is a dick move, and today was not the day to pull it on me.

Know who doesn't care if you sign up for their service again and want the cheap rates again? Comcast. That's right: Comcast sucks less than you. Good job, there.

ETA: Giving Hulu+ a shot! I can actually see their catalogue, and they have a free trial for a week.
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Why People Act Stupid On the Internet

The grammar of that title keeps twigging at me. I think it's because I want it to be Act Stupidly, but that isn't correct either; perhaps the title should just be "Act Like Idiots".

Anyway. All worth reading and reminding ourselves of. Certainly a problem I suffer from myself. I'll just work harder to control it. (cozy)


Jan. 28th, 2012 05:08 pm
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I read some very thoughtful complaining about Mulan and somethingsomething not faithful to the ballad grr American values of individualism grr.

So, here's the text of the Ballad of Mulan, translated in full. Judge for yourselves. Personally, I came away from it thinking that Disney's version spends more time worrying about fitting in and so on (supposedly values the movie doesn't honor); in the ballad, she seems to just decide to go to war and not give a damn what anyone else thinks about it.
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Disclaimer: I am a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog as a whole. For the record, I also love Silent Hill as a whole. I'm... eclectic, okay? :(

Upfront Confessions

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 was my favorite 2D Sonic game. I enjoyed Sonic Adventure more than Sonic Adventure 2, I hated and never finished Sonic Heroes, and I haven't played a Sonic game since, because I've heard nothing but terrible things! Until Sonic Colors.

Sonic Colors: 9/10 )
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Gender politics! You've been warned.

So, I'm I guess what you'd call a cisgender(?) lesbian. I genuinely don't like that word, but I'm a believer in the power of labeling, especially after one particular experience in college.

the experience! tl;dr: labeling is a really good thing sometimes. )


mostly a lot of talk about Ninja Turtles, believe it or not. )
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Thanks, Daily Show opening skit from yesterday. I keep forgetting why is is that I can only get my news from you: because all other programs suck.

I like msNBC, but I do get a little bit tired sometimes of watching three programs that all cover the same stories, and as a serious network they also seem to feel required to be polite to the opposition they bring on the show. And there's nothing wrong with being polite -- unless it makes you feel like you can't actually call a guest out on the bullshit they're peddling.

Only the Daily Show, under the safety net of parody, can be honest about issues.
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A warning: This post is about "Epitaph One", the largely-unaired final episode, not "Omega", the one that was last broadcast in most areas.

A second warning: If you're like me, reading this post might dampen you're enthusiasm for the series.

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Wherein I go into much more detail than anyone cares to hear about the relationship Suzaku has with his the princess, Euphemia li Britannia. AKA: I read a few RP Advice Meme threads and didn't agree with what I saw, so I decided to write up my own opinion.

I play Suzaku over at Marina Asylum on Inksome, and this was originally intended as an open letter to potential Euphies, before [livejournal.com profile] warplanes signed up to play her. Eee, I lucked out.

Warning: falling opinions! )
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Read my spoilery Batman babble first. I actually wrote most of this rant earlier in the day, but only just now got around to actually posting it. Still think it's got valid points, but EEE Batman movie erases all even slight annoyance at any of this. X3

So, as we all know by now, Avatar is over. It ended with Katara/Aang, but the 'ship wars are still raging, apparently under the rationale that "it's not REALLY over, there will be spinoffs!"

(True, but silly to think the spinoffs would break up the two couples they established in the closing scenes of the final episode.)

I'll repeat what I've said before: just because it's canon doesn't make it better than your pairing. It doesn't mean you have to like it now. It doesn't mean you can't keep on writing Katara/Zuko.

And this is a reminder to everyone to try and take your 'ships less seriously. Because the finale for Avatar was AWESOME, but people desperately hung up on Katara/Zuko hated it. The lack of their 'ship ruined the entire experience for them, and they are claiming it was shoddy, rushed, and so on, when clearly it's been planned out for ages now and was really very carefully-done.

The lack of their 'ship ruined what should have been the best two hours of their fandom.

I don't want that to happen to me. Obviously I don't think it would anyway -- I think my 'ship in Bleach is the Katara/Aang -- but frankly the losing side always thinks that, too. And shows are not always easy to predict. Sometimes they pull their canon pairings out of left field completely.

Let me tell you about an old fandom I was once in. Let me tell you about genuinely weird canon pairing decisions. Let me tell you about Digimon. )

The moral of this story is: don't obsess over your pairing being canon. Even and ESPECIALLY if that pairing is your favorite part about your fandom. Creators are wild, tricksy beasts, and even if you think you've read all the signs right, you might still be wrong. There's no such thing as a pairing that's totally safe from the ravages of future noncanonity. (Even Aang and Katara might yet break up in the spinoff, if they want to play with some older!Aang angst. I just don't think Katara would turn around and start dating Zuko.)

Nothing stops you from writing a noncanon pairing, except for your foolish pride.

Ditch it, and be happier fans for it. ♥
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Oh, all of the action sequences were very beautiful.

Also, heeee. Rukia's no-nonsense, "Yes, it's great to see us all, I know, now go get the girl," greeting.

Yeah, the 'shipper in me is a little smug, but mostly I just think that's the cutest thing. It brings Rukia back into the role she had when she delivered Ichigo and forced him to apologize to Orihime; that of making sure an idiot does right by his girl.

It's just. Awwwww. It's moments like these that make me really like Rukia's relationship with Ichigo. (And love her relationship with Orihime. It's like a big-sister thing, or something. Like Tatsuki, but different. Possibly because she hasn't yet told Orihime she "could do so much better". XD)

Not essaying, though, because I don't think there's anything to essay about. This is really pretty cut-and-dried, IMHO.

Also, "Hellboy II" was pretty awesome. "Phantom of the Opera", which we rented despite [livejournal.com profile] kay_willow's having heard awful things about it, was much less so. Bleh. I'm still glad to know the whole story, though, so that the next time she plays the soundtrack (which features a Phantom who can actually sing, sorry sir), I'll have the spectacle in my head to enjoy too. ♥
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Very late, about to sleep, but hey, just did three anonymous things that made me feel all warm and fuzzy. Despite what Penny Arcade would indicate.

The first, weeks ago, was posting two fandom secrets; never done it before, thought the subjects would get me wank -- they are INTELLIGENT thoughts, darn it, but anonymity + normal person = raging jackass, as Penny Arcade has so neatly put it, so I thought things would get ugly -- but apparently I phrased them well or something, because all I got was enthusiastic agreement. One of them didn't make it into the normal secrets post, which is a shame, because I think it was kind of important, but people still saw it and word'd me. So that's nice. I might even make another secret, but maybe not, because in skimming for replies to MY secrets, I read comments more thoroughly than I usually do, and caught a fair number of people disagreeing with the latest of many anti-slash asshats.

I mean: You don't have to love slash or seek it out -- it'd be nice if it was just another type of romance for you, and so you liked it if the character dynamic was interesting, didn't otherwise, just the way you'd feel about any het 'ship... but you certainly don't have to think it's wildly hot and keep it as a personal fantasy or anything, whatever. That's fine. But it seems to be really popular right now or something to go on and on about how "all" slash is "OOC". And the very idea that a person's sexuality could be OOC upsets me. Why, exactly? And how?

TL;DR: Quit telling me everyone's straight until proven otherwise. I hate that assumption, it's unrealistic, and I just can't do it. Some characters ARE straight, sure. But rarely do you have an actual canonical situation where a character addresses the possibility of being gay, and thoughtfully dismisses it, so it's not an easy argument to make, sorry. )

...I'd like to make a fandom secret about maybe 1/10th of all that. And forgive me if it came out kind of incoherent or something, it's veeeery late.

By now you may have forgotten that there was a third anonymous thing I did today that made me happy, but it involved the TWEWY kink meme. I really like kink memes. And I don't just say that because I enjoy writing porn. ♥
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Ah, that's right; Chapter -103.

I will not be joining the people now enthusiastically 'shipping Kensei and Mashiro. Sorry. I still kind of feel like he thinks she's retarded, and even though he has now maybe -- sort of?! -- looked at her cleavage, I'm going to quote Buffy's Xander on this and say, "No offense, but when a guy does that, it just means his eyes are open."

I mean, everything about her grates on him! )

...Seriously, if I wanted hot hatesex, I'd pair Hiyori and Mayuri faster. I find her impotent rage at him (and especially his refusal to behave like her subordinate) hilarious. Lookit the little vein popping in her forehead, aww. But I don't really like hatesex in my active 'ships, thanks. :\
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I tend to make a lot of posts complaining about things and then be shocked when people find them and rant at me about my opinions. And yeah, recently I've noticed I'm not the only one.

So I'll start this one just by saying: I don't know how you guys find me. I also don't especially care! But if you're reading this now, you'd do everyone on LJ a huge favor by trying to remember one simple thing.

This is a personal LJ. A personal LJ is the owner's soap box.

CRY MOAR? GTFO? Yes, I plan on it, thank you! )

TL;DR: Don't come and attack someone on their personal journal for something they said there and expect them to take it down!!!111. This is LJ, they have a right to rant, and it's not a personal attack on you unless they're giving out your LJ name and telling all their friends to go bitch you out.

It might not be fun, but it doesn't actually hurt anyone to have a post somewhere on LJ bitching them out among friends. Heck, if I were more important in fandom, I'm sure I'd have one right now.
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One of my classes this semester is an Intro to Education class, because one of the things I'd like to do with my life is go to Japan and teach English, but I've never taught anything before, and I don't want to be one of those teachers who hates teaching, so I thought I would take this class and see how it feels.

I've been slightly side-tracked by being pissed off at my textbook.

This often happens to me -- learning astronomy pisses me off about about current "debates" on what we know (no, a scientific theory is not just some idea about how something might work, easily disproven -- the word means something different in this context!); learning philosophy pisses me off about constitutional arguments (not actually founded on Christian principles -- founded on the philosophical principles of Utilitarianism, especially as expressed by John Stuart Mill); learning psychology makes a lot of horror movies hard to watch; and learning history has made almost every textbook ever unbearable.

(Common sense doesn't help on this level, either.)

Some examples:

Did you know: Kepler's Laws weren't invented by Kepler. )

ARGH. sfd';sfa' Stupid, stupid textbooks.
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Okay. A quickie update:

Moved in, a month and a half ago. Started school. Still working. Currently doing a floor set, which is slightly awesome, but almost always exhausting. I would much rather do mannequins in tiny bursts rather than for four straight days -- by the end of it I'm always being kind of lazy in a desperate attempt to get it all done on time.

Finished Tales of the Abyss. Started playing Tales of Symphonia. Started over again in an attempt to get the Zelos ending, even though we haven't quite finished our first game.

Started up a lovely creepy Bleach RPG: [livejournal.com profile] k_a_r_a_k_u_r_a Which is essentially Bleach + the ubiquitous vengeful ghost + freaky "stuck in time" setting. Like Bleach meets Fatal Frame by way of a dark alley in Silent Hill. Everyone should go app, even though every new person means yet more work for me. X3

May have SECRETLY started up ANOTHER game for ANOTHER fandom. A secret fandom.

But in the meantime: a rant.

Ichigo/Rukia vs. Ichigo/Orihime: Fight fight! )

My posit: Ichigo is head-over-heels for Orihime. He just doesn't know it yet. He hasn't really thought about his feelings, and he is still convinced that he likes Orihime only as much as he likes any of his other friends. But he is wrong, obviously wrong, and later chapters will probably tend towards this.

Anyone who honestly believes anything else... well, I don't think they're really paying attention.

It will not break me if Ichigo/Orihime doesn't wind up being canon, though. I try not to get desperately attached to any 'ship being canon, or really any event happening, because that can only lead to disappointment.

And for what it's worth? I didn't really see Ichigo/Orihime as being credible until just recently.

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