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Wherein I go into much more detail than anyone cares to hear about the relationship Suzaku has with his the princess, Euphemia li Britannia. AKA: I read a few RP Advice Meme threads and didn't agree with what I saw, so I decided to write up my own opinion.

I play Suzaku over at Marina Asylum on Inksome, and this was originally intended as an open letter to potential Euphies, before [livejournal.com profile] warplanes signed up to play her. Eee, I lucked out.

Warning: falling opinions! )
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Oh, yes, fandom. You are most certainly On Notice(tm).

Past Trends On Notice )

Current Trends On Notice )

All Notice Boards(tm) are the intellectual property of Steven Colbert. No copyright infringement intended. I just love that guy.
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Hi, hello. Yes, I'm talking to you. Here are some things it would be totally awesome if you'd stop doing:

a.) Telling me that "despite all evidence to the contrary, Ichigo liked it when Rukia was a huge bitch to him." Do you see the first part of your sentence? Do you even know how annoying that is? Stop being lazy. Tell me WHY all evidence is to the contrary and yet it's still true, don't just stammer about Ichigo "of course never admitting it". I'd take a scary BDSM fic over this. At least there Ichigo's a crazy masochist and has reason to enjoy being bitched out, even if his obviously-angry-and-confused retorts make it seem like if they're playing a game he doesn't know the rules.

And the rest are spoilers lalala~ )

Whew. That feels better.
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Dear Fandom,

A number of you seem to be extremely confused as to whether or not your pairing is "canon" -- or even canonically-plausible. I'm in a helpful mood, so here's a litmus test for you! Pencils in hand, you've got ten minutes.

Canon Litmus Test For Your OTP )
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Dear Fandom,

I know we're all proud of our access to Japanese-English dictionaries, but please, stop "translating" things with your Babelfish bookmark. The keychain that Sora receives from Roxas at Memory's Skyscraper is not Acrossing Two or Two Across. Not only are these names incoherent and meaningless, they are also patently inaccurate.

The name in Japanese is "Meguriau Futari", and I should emphasize at this moment that Roxas's epithet, "The Key of Destiny", was "Meguriau no Kagi". Same kanji, same word. Same meaning.

Anyone with a proper dictionary (i.e., Jim Breen, or the like) should also shut up about Meguriau not meaning Destiny. Yes, I realize that the literal translation of the phrase is "to meet by chance". You, however, are not paying attention to the cultural context. Meguriau is not, as I have seen it described, like finding a ten dollar bill on the ground. It is something fated -- a one-in-a-million chance encounter, one with huge consequences even though it seems innocuous at the time.

(If you're a Sailor Moon fan, "meguriau" is used in its theme song to describe Mamoru and Usagi's reuniting in their current life. We are, in other words, talking about something so fortunate that it can't just be coincidental -- it must be destiny.)

This is why professional translators gave us "The Key of Destiny", and why Roxas's keyblade should be "Destined Encounter". (It could also be "Fated", but I'm a big fan of keeping translations consistent, to allow Roxas's keychain to parallel his epithet in English the way that it does in Japanese.)

No love,

Please stop taking "two" as the number. When written as it is in the game, futari is two people, not two random things, and not the number two. (So yes, the longer name would be, "Destined Encounter of Two People", but if we translated everything literally, Sora would have gotten a "Desire Lamp" keychain from Agrabah, and gamers everywhere would be staring at it in their inventories uncertainly, afraid to equip it. Destined Encounter is a good middle ground between "sounds nice" and "means something coherent", so I don't want to hear any more whining about how you "like the way Acrossing Two" sounds. Acrossing isn't even a word.)
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Dear KH Fandom,

Stop putting lyrics to Sanctuary/Passion on icons of Kairi. That song isn't about her. Nomura himself has said that the image behind Passion is the reunion between Sora and Riku. Use lyrics from Simple and Clean/Hikari, which IS about Kairi.

Or, better yet, come up with text of your own! There's at least fifty icons of Kairi for every word of all four of those songs already, and if you have to make yet another icon of her standing on the beach staring out to sea from that exact same angle, at least put new text on it.


Stop putting "angels in flight" on icons, period. It's insipid background garbage that has nothing to do with the rest of the song.
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Dear Prospective Game Developers,

Videogames are an exciting new medium! I bet you just can't wait to get out there and start making them. And RPGs/Adventure games are a good place to start -- lots of potential there to create deep, intricate story lines; memorable characters; and maybe an actual game in there somewhere!

This list is broken up into individual rules, so that you can browse them at your leisure. Please, take the time to read through these -- they're only my preferences, as a result of playing some recent titles, but taking these issues into consideration will considerably improve any game you see fit to create.

(NOTE: I've used the term "party" several times, but you can replace it with "group of characters" when necessary. These aren't hard-and-fast rules, locked into their situations, but rather generalizations with specific examples. Just a guideline, to get you guys thinking.)

Rule One: Interactivity is key. )

Rule Two: Don't tell me I'm an idiot. )

Rule Three: But I don't wanna marry the princess! )

Rule Four: My party is not the cast of a daytime sitcom. )

Rule Five: Boy, isn't he amazing! Yes, apparently, now shut up about it. )

Rule Six: When it comes to drama, less is more. )

Conclusion: As games evolve, they become more and more a medium from which we expect great things. The fact that your game could ever be a movie is not something to be embarrassed about -- it's a great leap forward for gaming in general. It says you have a strong storyline and interesting characters. (It might also indicate that your storyline would benefit from being two rather than seventy hours long.) But you've still got a lot to learn about how to best present that storyline in this format.

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By now, everyone has seen the CoM:Re-Chained/Final Mix+ PV. You know, the one that included sample lines by every member of Organization XIII? If you don't, go here and watch it. Right now.

'Reinventing' Canon )

a Vexen/Saix drabble, starring CoM!Vexen )
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So, [livejournal.com profile] khfanficrants. That pretty much says everything that needs to be said, doesn't it?

There was a poster; as an aside to a rant about things she dislikes in fanfic, she mentioned, like it was part of her personal bio, that she dislikes yaoi. (God, I feel silly using that word; I haven't called it yaoi in a year or so now. It's slash~.) Fine, okay, whatever. Then someone replies with a mildly-amusing "Only you can prevent yaoi!" icon, and she feels the need to share this. thing. she drew.

The text, with smily chibis, read: "Friends don't let friends bone each other in the ass." (Anyone remember in the fifth Harry Potter book, the teacher whose voice was described as being like "poisonous honey?" There is no better definition for that term than hatespeech done with chibis. And it's not even FUNNY, it's just rude and full of bitterness. And apparently brought to us by F.A.G.S. -- "Fans Against Gay Smut.")

The community has since then exploded; many people tried, more politely than I, to point out that her posting something like that in a community filled with slash fans had not been especially wise. Her reaction? "Why are you guys being so mean to me, I respect your like of yaoi, why can't you respect my hate?? D:" Because love and hate are equally-valid emotions that should be encouraged across the board!

Then someone commented to say,

Why is it that anti-yaoi people are rather tolerant of yaoi-fans who are anti-het, but yaoi-fans go absolutely koo-koo nuts when someone says they're anti-yaoi?

And I hope I worded that right. :x

This is my response. )
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And now we have proof.

In an interview concerning Chain of Memories, the following exchange occurred between Nomura and the interviewer:

Cut in case you've been living in a cave. )

Now everyone who wants to whine about the badass CoM!Axel being defamed into a woobie KHII!Axel because of his attachment to his best friend can shut the fuck up. Because they were always, always, ALWAYS intended by the creator as being one in the same.

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