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Jun. 19th, 2008 07:58 pm
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I've been tooling around with it for days, but I think I'm done now.

The end result is a layout with scrolling divs, three images, and the newest thing in modern browsering: RGBA colors.

As a result, lots of people can see my page, but only the folks using Firefox 3 and Safari 3 will be able to really read my content.

I would never do this kind of thing with a community, or a website I wanted lots of people to visit, but I figure my personal LJ, most likely viewed from people's flists anyway, is the safest place to experiment.

Love it? Hate it? Heh, sorry. I can never use stuff when it's hot off the griddle, so this once I'm making an exception. ♥
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Haven't heard? [ profile] kay_willow and I have this thing. A gigantic Kingdom Hearts II AU. We call it "Another Side, Another Story". Because that name should've meant something more.

We always thought it was unfair that Roxas was introduced to us as an independent character with relationships and desires whose sacrifice was not necessary to bring Sora back; and we always found it cruel that in order to unnecessarily sacrifice it, they destroyed his original personality and broke him into tiny little pieces until he had nothing left to hope for.

While KHII was not required to be fair or nice, especially not to Nobodies, we always wanted to remedy that.

So we are. In Another Side, Another Story, we're going off into a neat little what-if.

What if Sora didn't absorb Roxas -- what if Roxas absorbed Sora?

Just a few of the answers to that question: a handful of Nobodies are going to save the multiverse (some of them under duress, it should be noted), the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee
is going to cram a few more people into their tiny headquarters, they're going to go meet Aslan and Roger Rabbit and Goliath, some old
friends are awaiting in Hades, and DiZ will Not Be Happy.

Read through it here at the website or slightly less organized on the community [ profile] another_rpg. Feel free to read all the way through or to skip to Day Six for some of the original stuff.

Also, bonus, we started a dressing room to mess around with: [ profile] another_dr. If you have any KH character journals and are so inspired, you can play too.
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So, someone's just asked me for the HTML behind this look; first, far be it for me not to acknowledge its predecessors. (We also used the look here, and originally it was modified from an idea over at [ profile] paradisa.) Second, isn't it nice not to have to stare at twenty or fifty or more than a hundred lines of small, black and white text, sometimes not even alphabetized.

WARNING: This is not a CSS tutorial. As such, I won't be explaining your CSS options in all that much depth. If you want to poke at an element of this design more thoroughly, you are totally encouraged to google it!

WARNING #2: If you decide to change a background or font color, use Find/Replace to change every instance of that color in order to keep your color scheme consistent!

A REQUEST: While I'm obviously showing you my exact code, the point of this little mini-tutorial is really more to come up with something different-looking for yourself. No one wants every single Taken list to look exactly the same, right? Right? D:

And now, on to the tutorial.

Handy code and previews inside! )

Enjoy! ♥
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I'm such a dork, I couldn't think of anything I wanted for Christmas until about three days ago. XD Then I cleaned the whole apartment, and remembered how much I want a futon cover for my futon.

The one that fits my bed is $139, so obviously this isn't a present I could've asked Mom for anyway, but I thought, maybe in smaller doses... :3

Here is the futon cover I'm looking to get, and specifically I want this pretty red and gold kanji pattern. Mmmm, kanji.

So, here's a holding page for linking friends to that want to help out.

If you so desire, donate, comment, and I'll write you a little chunk o' fic in return. :3

(Don't worry, everyone~, drabble challenge is still going. I'm working on the next one even now. ;) I needed to grab a manga volume to write it, but I've got that now, and the house is clean, I wrote a ridiculous amount of porn, etc., etc. *purr* It's coming, it's coming~.)

ETA: Yeah, it's a weird email address. Intentional! That's my spam-catcher. D:
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Spoiler-free, I promise.

In the manga (300): Everyone's been romanizing it as Leroux or Le Roux. We finally get a title page for him, and somehow it says "Zommaer". What the hell.

Two seconds later: Ahh, Leroux/Le Roux is his last name. Zommaer is his first, which the first scanslation guessed was "Samaire". Okay then!

In the anime (147-148): Like much of the recent filler additions (mostly the "Arrancar Encyclopedia" segments), I reacted to most of these with, "Nice idea, but... what? That doesn't make sense," and "Doesn't [this part] kind of contradict [that other part]?" Nonetheless, it's interesting enough, considering, and everyone's been in character, so it's fun to watch. I strangely enjoyed most of Rukia's random lines, just the sound of her voice actor talking. I like her Japanese, somehow.

I appreciate Ashido. There seems to be more thought put into this guy than Ichinose Maki of the Bount arc, and he's pretty. I can appreciate eye candy.

Also, doing a drabble challenge post. And I sketched something. Just some random guy; I like the eyes, and I especially like the hair. Shoulders aren't bad.

I need to draw more. I've missed it. XD
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Anyone who stopped by my journal of late may have noticed the strange layout; it was practice, for the brand spankin' new [ profile] bleach_het comm. You should go, and check it out. And not just to see the layout, although I am awfully proud of it. X3
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It was a harmless experiment; Vexen only wanted to see if Castle Oblivion could make floors from the memories of a Nobody. But a floor from the World That Never Was could not help but be unstable -- and to make matters worse, its Heartless have begun leaking into the rest of the castle...where illusions are not meant to go. And it's all downhill from there...

If you're looking for yet another RP that drops the Organization into high school and puts Demyx and Riku into an emo garage band together -- well, then you're reading the wrong post. On the other hand, if you've ever thought Castle Oblivion, with its memory-made rooms and sheer potential for crack could use a little more exploring, come right in.

Don't let the Cards paint those roses red. Marluxia wouldn't like it. )
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By now, everyone has seen the CoM:Re-Chained/Final Mix+ PV. You know, the one that included sample lines by every member of Organization XIII? If you don't, go here and watch it. Right now.

'Reinventing' Canon )

a Vexen/Saix drabble, starring CoM!Vexen )
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Took the screencaps myself, off downloaded videos from KH-Vids.Net, because lord knows I don't have the software/hardware to rip my own copies of the videos. There's no particular theme here, these are just images from the opening movie that I thought were pretty and should be icon'd. I did very little to them, because I think they all kind of speak for themselves.


He loves me, he loves me not, she loves me... )
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Well, I was feeling distinctly Demyx-inclined tonight, and I owed some people ([ profile] maladaptive, [ profile] kay_willow) icons, so, here we go! Two birds, one stone.

Whoo, iconage. )
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OMG, we're live. Well. Semi!

There's actually something there now -- under World Traveling, logs for the Prologue, Beast's Castle, and Hollow Bastion! I can't get over it.

So, if you're dying for a look at what the hell [ profile] kay_willow and I have been doing since, like, March -- well, this is the site for you.

Another Side, Another Story - AKA, the AU where Roxas eats Sora instead of the other way around.

This is a really big project, everyone -- with new keyblades, new costumes, and eventually new worlds. (So far we've included Port Royal and Halloweentown, in addition to the two mentioned above, and, of course, Twilight Town.) And I think we're both terribly proud of ourselves in a way that will send us straight to hell if the Christians are right. ;)

Updates will be added approximately whenever-we-can-be-bothered-to-HTML-huge-chunks-of-our-log. (i.e., probably on the weekends -- I've got college, and she's got work.)

But it lives.

(Apologies for the filler text on the front page. Everything there is very very temporary. Just focus on the logs, okay? XD And, uh, comment on the updates if you want to make us feel loved. ♥)
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So, this was pretty quick; art class says we need to do three sketches per week, and apparently KH2 fanart would be fine. (Don't expect any PORN in this sketchbook, however. I'm not gonna stretch my luck here. ;)

He's not naked. But he might as well be, really. )

And yeah, that's a collar with a bell on it. Future canon from [ profile] ruinreverse. Hee~. The chords of the collar are knotted behind his head, and Axel is the only one who can't remove it. (So if he looks a tiny bit sulky, that'd be why.)
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Go on, get over there if you want 500 words "of love." XD

You know you do. I've already written Axel/Roxas smut. Eeee~.
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The third drabble written for [ profile] kay_willow's second round of challenges sprouted an extra 600+ words, so I suppose it deserves its own update, or something?

( "Like Liquid": Xigbar/Demyx hintings, sincere )

General, in the main. No spoilers for anything, really, but if you have no idea who Xigbar and Demyx are, well, you won't get much out of it. XD Just a fair warning. Also, I love the Nobody servants, and will be writing about them more in the future. ♥ And I really need more icons; some of Larxene, some of Demyx. It's sad not to have any good icons for writing posts like these.

An icon?

Jul. 15th, 2006 07:46 pm
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So, [ profile] kay_willow has this batch of icons on her site. Axel icons for [ profile] refracting's KH RPG, [ profile] ruinreverse. One of them is a screencap from the page of the Chain of Memories manga wherein Larxene discovers Axel's treachery. There's just this great panel of Axel smirking as he walks away.

But, yes.

Three variations so far. I might actually keep going, it's kind of fun. The last two are very similar, I know, but I can't decide which I like better, and so.

The original:

the variations )

[EDIT: Four "variations" now. I tried to make the first one 100x100, too.]
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In the vein of this entry, I would like to make a Public Service Announcement to the Kingdom Hearts fandom at large.

Namine is not clairvoyant.

No, she's really not. Yes, I know that she just seems to know everything, but that's because of who she's been working with for the last year. (i.e., DiZ and Riku.) She doesn't know everything about Sora, and what she does know, she knows because she has seen (and reworked) his memories. This is not the same thing as having or sharing them; see Chain of Memories for details.

Namine knows nothing that she does not have a very good, very normal reason for knowing. (Well, given her particular abilities. And, as a side-note, please stop behaving as though Namine can alter anyone's memories; the Secret Ansem Reports that you gather throughout the game make it pretty clear that, for one reason and another, Namine can only alter Sora's memories -- and, through him, the memories of those close to him. Obviously the replica!Riku is very dear to Sora's heart or something. But this is the canon explanation, so you should at least know that you're working around it!)

So, how did she find Kairi towards the end of the game? Riku. How did she know Riku when she saw him? Because they've been working together since well before and after his change in appearance. How does she know so much about Roxas? Because she was working with DiZ. Why is she so sure they'll meet again? Actually, she isn't. She's just making a promise to Roxas, determined to make it so. She says at much when they finally meet again; this wasn't what she had in mind.

Now, have an icon. ♥

(Brushes by [ profile] ewanism, I did the rest.)

Remember: Namine isn't psychic, but she's pretty cool anyway. And, frankly, a lot more interesting as a character than she is as a plot device.
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So, I've been leeching off of [ profile] kay_willow's wonderful fic journal, [ profile] figment_tree. I feel guilty about it, because it's so supposed to be just for her~, so after the last two drabbles, I finally got off my ass and made one for myself.

The link is now in the sidebar, but it's called [ profile] bits_and_pieces. And although I intend to maintain the journal entry on the top of the front page with all of the Kingdom Hearts drabble links, all things of a vaguely ficcish nature will be going to BaP from now on.

So, yes. That is all.
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NOTE: This entry is updated whenever I add a new drabble ficthing. ♥

So, [ profile] kay_willow did this wonderful thing where she exchanged drabble challenges with me. <3 I was given one or more characters, paired or optionally paired, and a prompt. The prompts are in italics. (I understand this is fairly typical drama challenge-ness? But I thought I'd explain anyway!)

First round of drabble challenges!

+ Missing Inbetween [Another Side AU]: Axel, Demyx
+ Dissimilar: Riku/Roxas, Riku/Sora implied
+ Glow in the Dark: Sora/Riku
+ Sea, Sand, Surf: Sora/Riku

Next round of drabble challenges!

+ Dawning: Riku, Namine
+ Wired [Before the Beginning AU]: Ela/Roxas
+ Subtraction: XII, XIII
+ Princess: Kairi

Non-challenge drabbles!

+ Looking-Glass Sora/Roxas
+ Curiosity: Namine, Axel, Larxene
+ Needing: Namine/Roxas, Namine/Sora


+ Normal Activities: Roxas/Axel, some Roxas/Xemnas
+ Sympathy For: Axel, Ansem (Axel/Sora?)
+ Savannah [Another Side AU]: Axel, Roxas, a bit of Namine
+ Pack Mentality: Roxas, Axel, Assassins and Samurai
+ itna: Sora, Kairi
+ Of the Past [Another Side AU]: Axel, Yuffie

UPDATED: February 11th, 2007

+ Stop the Rain [Another Side AU]: Demyx

Born from a pretty simple concept, a hunk of fic that muses some more on Demyx's element, and his first days in Never Was. Unexpected comfort; but the boy can't always turn to Xigbar.

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