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I didn't skip anything, I just probably didn't record my time properly last time!

Fragments: 26/160

Let's do this thing. Heading back into Academia 4XX AF.

ETA: We're done. Which is not the same thing as being finished. We're only halfway through the game, and we turned it off and agreed to sell it back to GameStop in the morning.

This game is terrible. I will not be sorry to not play any more of it.
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Hey, our "Story so far" finally included another moment of Snow! Lolol.

Continuing with Augusta Tower, Year 200.

As a reminder (I think I've mentioned this before), I actually did Augusta Tower, Year 300 first, got a key for Floor 50, and was then blocked and told I had to come here in another time. Since Augusta Tower, Year 200 wasn't unlocked yet, I realized I'd missed some gates somewhere and backtracked for about six hours.

Just gettin' that out of the way.

As always, you're welcome to comment along! Just no spoilers please, although obviously my comments will all contain loads of spoilers.
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Yeah, that's our time played so far. Total fragments: 23/160. Sob.

No really it will be longer this time!

We're on Coliseum, Year Unknown.
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Coliseum, Year ????

As always, this post will contain spoilers but please don't post spoilers of your own! We are new to this game.
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I'm kind of tangled up because I managed to miss some time gates and didn't have the right locations on my time map to advance the story. Suffice it to say that we've been to the Tron-like tower of the future (Augusta Tower) and the pretty jungle (Sunleth Waterscape) and I didn't do them in the right order. Now I'm at the Archylte Steppe.

NOW YOU ARE WARNED. You know where we are. Roughly. Comments on this entry to be as stream of consciousness as possible, hopefully to keep me motivated!

Also the entry will be a short one, as my mom just invited us over for a movie and dinner. Hee.

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