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Oh, yes, fandom. You are most certainly On Notice(tm).

Past Trends On Notice )

Current Trends On Notice )

All Notice Boards(tm) are the intellectual property of Steven Colbert. No copyright infringement intended. I just love that guy.
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I SHOULD BE IN BED. :D Instead, have the results of my pairing meme.

A note: if you like any pairing I've listed here as not liking, I still love you. ♥ I hope you still love me. ._.

Harry Potter~ )

Kingdom Hearts~ )

Bleachbleachbleach )
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The most recent Dr. Pepper spots on TV have been claiming that drinking a Dr. Pepper is somehow the same as jamming a straw into a piece of chocolate cake and sucking it down. (I'm pretty sure this isn't meant to make me nauseous, but I'm just not as big a fan of sweet things as their target audience.)

The idea behind this commercial appears to be that people actually drink diet soda as part of a real diet, and not because they're diabetic. I mean, soda doesn't really have that many calories in it; if you're overweight, you're probably overweight because of all that other food you eat, or the way you never exercise. Diet Dr. Pepper is not going to solve your problem, and it's frankly cruel of them to advertise saying otherwise.

There's also something a little bit insidious about the food they show people eating when they're "really" drinking Dr. Pepper. Like the guy chugging a glass full of jelly beans. Any dieter really looking at jelly beans and thinking "Oh, how I miss eating you by the pint" is -- face it, there are no dieters doing that. It takes a serious weight issue in this country (in my opinion, more caused by unhealthy meals than unhealthy desserts) and really trivializes it.

I'm probably overthinking things here, only seconds away from pronouncing Diet Dr. Pepper the ringleader in a secret cabal of Bad American Eating Habits -- but something about these commercials just bothers me.
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Just a quick note, while I'm watching things from years ago. What is it with the names they give the kids in these episodes? It seems like there's always one normal name, and one gimp name.


Danny, and "Buzz"
Amanda, and "Bethy"
Josh, and "Ouija" (like the board game, pronounced "Wiji")
Kevin, and "Dougie"

Admittedly, though, "Ouija" takes the cake. Who names their kid Ouija?
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(Warning: Very long. I wasted 6000 words on this show.)

The ready availability of TV episodes to download means it's easy to get caught up on just about any show you had a passing interest in seeing five years ago. For me, "Enterprise" is one such show.

Let me begin by asking how in the world this show has lasted four years when "Firefly" was canceled midway through its first season. The dialogue is leaden, bad even for a "Star Trek," and the appearance of the Vulcans -- which bear a distinct resemblance to "classic" Vulcans from the original show (where a bowl haircut and pointy ears meant you were from another planet) -- only served to remind me how similar they are to Romulans. As in, I had to stop and wonder which theoretically-distinct species I was looking at.

The first three minutes of dialogue, literally:

Small Boy: *hint of drama* "Where no man has gone before..."
Father: Dr. Cocrin would be proud of you.
Small Boy: I know the whole speech by heart. When's it gonna be ready to fly?
Father: Let the paint dry first.
Small Boy: No, I mean your ship.
Father: Not for a while. It's not even built yet. You know that.
Small Boy: How big will it be?
Father: Pretty big.
Small Boy: Bigger than Ambassador Pointy's ship?
Father: His name is Suval, and he's been very helpful, and I told you not to call him that, Johnathan.
Small Boy ("Johnathan"): Well, Billy Cook says we'd be flying at Warp Five by now if the Vulcans hadn't kept things from us.
Father: Well, they have their reasons. *shakes head* God knows what they are...

Who talks like this?

And it only gets worse. )

Yeah. I think I'll go back to watching "Deep Space Nine" now. I'm sure "Enterprise" gets better, but I'm equally sure I don't have the patience to find out.

[Edit: Apparently, "Enterprise" does not get any better. That's what I get for giving the benefit of a doubt.]
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We appreciate you not being Axe(l) Body Spray and trying to convince us that women will come in smothering herds to rub off on the body of whatever unkempt slob just happened to locate "body spray" when he stumbled past the shower he's never used in his life. Really, we love you for that.

But you're using up that love, and rapidly. It's only mildly less offensive to claim that your one poor supermodel will sleep with every single man who buys your product.

Additionally: Having her mouth "just be yourself" and "don't overwhelm me [with your body spray]" does very little to disguise the fact that the real words coming out of her mouth are "You want to have sex with me, don't you? You want to kiss me and touch me and unclasp my push-up bra, right? Allllll you have to do is buy a case or three of our product."

It's like Girl Scout Cookies: the Unrated Version. And on that level, it's really kind of disturbing.
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This ad keeps telling me that there are "some scenes [in every movie] that can't be previewed" and that "this movie has them all."

Then it shows Rose McGowan with an amputated leg, having an automatic rifle of some sort shoved into the stump and limping along on it.

I know the idea is to make me wonder what scenes would be "un-preview-able" if it can show an amputee with a prosthetic AK-47, but I'm not especially impressed. I don't want to see those scenes. The only thing going through my mind right now, in fact, seems to be "Boy, Rose McGowan sure knows how to pick roles that take advantage of her mysteriously-limited capacity for facial expressions." Who the hell cares if you can act when you're firing a stream of bullets from your stump?

In order to review this preview properly, I actually had to check IMDB to get the name of the movie. The only memorable thing about the ad was how much it didn't make me want go head for the theater.

Possessing ovaries, I realize I'm not the target audience of a movie with this many explosions in five seconds of footage. In this case, however, I think Hollywood might be confusing "ovaries" with "brains."
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I'm horribly fond of the first Fatal Frame, even though, in its own way, it's just as bad as the first Resident Evil. (I mean, the graphics. The blocky, horrible graphics. You've never had so much trouble telling men from women, not since the last Final Fantasy game. And unlike there, it's not because everyone's equally pretty.)

Mainly, though, what kills me is the voice actors. I really want to play it in Japanese just so I'm spared the uniformly hideous performances given by -- at last count -- everyone. It's hard enough to convince me that a group composed of a novelist, his editor, and his assistant would continue researching a haunted mansion for a new book after the first grisley death. But in the English version, it's easy to understand why they keep going, because Takamine, the novelist, is very convincing in not caring about any of the horribly creepy things going on around him. Ho-hum, tomorrow's another day! Oh, the curse of the rope shrine maiden seems to have appeared on my body in a decidedly ominous manner. Could you please pass the e. coli-infested spinach?

And Miku, the main character, is not exactly...exempt from this. I want to check their names to be positive, but even if she's not actually voiced by the same woman, this lady is a dead ringer for Quinn's friend from Daria. This is not exactly a compliment ("glacially-slow, 'vacant airhead'" is how the link describes said voice). And yes, Miku does speak this way when relating the rather tragic story of how she and her brother have been ostracized since she can remember because of their sixth sense.

"I wonder how long it's been since my brother and I began to see things that other people couldn't see," she begins the opening movie for the game, and it takes her about ten minutes to say all of that, and she honestly sounds like she isn't sure how long it's been and is, perhaps, waiting for someone else to inform her.


And yet I love these games.


Sep. 13th, 2006 11:44 pm
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Apparently I should do this meme. The idea, as I understand it, is to take twelve characters from a series and assign them random numbers. KH is the name of the game, and so. (Originally I wanted to do the Org members, but it'd leave out Roxas, and that's no fun!) I threw in Donald because the Disney characters are neglected and I was sure it'd make things interesting. Boy did it ever.

Okay --

1.) Roxas
2.) Sora
3.) Riku
4.) Kairi
5.) Namine
6.) Axel
7.) Larxene
8.) Donald
9.) Yuffie!
10.) Aerith.
11.) Leon
12.)...Marluxia. Why not!

Memememe and crazy Donald porn. Oh why oh why. )
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They're not the only ones. )

What's really awesome, of course, is that all of this is prefaced by a statement on the main site reading:

KHU Gallery offers over 1500 pieces of high quality Fan-Art, 90 user-made Comics, 230 different Desktop Wallpapers and nearly 600 screencaps of KH-related videos to navigate through and generally admire. All of this is put together by some of the best creative artists in the Kingdom Hearts community.

The huge range of Fan-Art illustrates not only the creative diversity of our visitors, but gives the Kingdom Hearts series more depth as a whole through the variety of ways that each piece of fan-art can be analysed and interpreted. Each month we also run a fantastic contest in which our visitors can win a range of Kingdom Hearts merchandise from our Shop.

That's got to be the most pompous way I've ever heard anyone say "We have fanart." And given the quality of that piece and the analysis and interpretation that followed -- well, I'm just a bit dubious of the claim, let's say.

Bah. Enough mocking fools. It's late. ♥
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So, I need to write some porn. Because my Riku badly needs to get laid. (Also? [livejournal.com profile] campfuckudie is love to the extreme. Everyone not looking at them needs to be, every single day. The Sora and Riku players there probably own some significant chunk of my soul just by existing. ...The Axel gets the rest, though.)

Cut for crack. No, really. )
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So, yes. My head's a noisy place, apparently. A friend of mine and I were talking, and I quoted him something parenthetical from the Another Side AU, wherein Sora claimed to "know about sex". I figured this was in a five-year-old kinda way, but the friend said this:

*Pats Sora on the head* Little dude, "knowing about sex" does not constitute playing a few rounds of "doctor," "show and tell" or even "house."

And that got Sora started.

Oh, Kay-san, you'll be so proud of me! Riku has a *'d thing for his Keyblade(s) now. )

And at least part of Axel is thinking, "Damn it, what the hell's the point of doing the right thing if you get blamed for it anyway?"

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