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Dreamwidth provides support for searching a journal or community by multiple tags. The trick is to separate the tags in the URL with commas.

For example, in my [community profile] rainfalling fanworks community:
tales of vesperia = all my Tales of Vesperia fics
tales of vesperia,tales of the abyss = all my Tales of Vesperia and all of my Tales of the Abyss fics
tales of vesperia,.gen?mode=all = all my Tales of Vesperia gen fics
tales of vesperia,.slash?mode=all = all my Tales of Vesperia slash fics
tales of vesperia,.slash,-smut?mode=all = all my smutty Tales of Vesperia slash fics

The ?mode=all option is important for making the latter section of tags work. With it, you will get only fics that are BOTH gen and Vesperia. Without it, you will get ALL gen fics and ALL Vesperia fics, in case you wanted to read my Vesperia stuff but were also interested in every gen fic I'd ever written.

Personally, I kind of think it should default the other way, but hey! It's pretty awesome that the feature exists at all.

ETA: If you try other things on my writing journal, you might get some unexpected results because I'm in the process of renaming my tags! Just a warning. It's not a DW problem, it's a me problem. ♥
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Apparently if you disable the media servers option on your PS3 (it's in System-->Network Settings), it stops kicking other computers in the house off the internet.

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Side note: I hate Orphan's Cradle. Technicolor maze of repetitive battles with annoying, cheap opponents who riddle you with status ailments and crush your health down to single digits with special attacks. BUT, THAT ASIDE...

Party: Lightning, Sazh, Vanille

This one took quite a while, but I feel like I did well, under the circumstances. (I'm not as ridicuawesome as the guys who wrote the two boss FAQs up on GameFAQs, which both assume you will kill this boss before he deactivates his limiters, but I assume they did a LOT of upgrading and equipment-purchasing.)

GENERAL TIP: Keep an eye on your buffs throughout the fight. If Lightning's Haste or Protect fails, immediately swap to a Synergist form to re-cast them. This will become especially important in the second phase of the fight.

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Since FFXIII is coming out very soon, we're blasting through this game!

Sometimes I feel like I can listen to any Troy Baker character and do an instant Yuri canon review.

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ETA: Lightning/Sazh/Vanille might be my new party FOREVER jesus this is awesome, you guys. Suggested Paradigm Deck inside.
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So, someone's just asked me for the HTML behind this look; first, far be it for me not to acknowledge its predecessors. (We also used the look here, and originally it was modified from an idea over at [livejournal.com profile] paradisa.) Second, isn't it nice not to have to stare at twenty or fifty or more than a hundred lines of small, black and white text, sometimes not even alphabetized.

WARNING: This is not a CSS tutorial. As such, I won't be explaining your CSS options in all that much depth. If you want to poke at an element of this design more thoroughly, you are totally encouraged to google it!

WARNING #2: If you decide to change a background or font color, use Find/Replace to change every instance of that color in order to keep your color scheme consistent!

A REQUEST: While I'm obviously showing you my exact code, the point of this little mini-tutorial is really more to come up with something different-looking for yourself. No one wants every single Taken list to look exactly the same, right? Right? D:

And now, on to the tutorial.

Handy code and previews inside! )

Enjoy! ♥

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