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Disclaimer: I am a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog as a whole. For the record, I also love Silent Hill as a whole. I'm... eclectic, okay? :(

Upfront Confessions

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 was my favorite 2D Sonic game. I enjoyed Sonic Adventure more than Sonic Adventure 2, I hated and never finished Sonic Heroes, and I haven't played a Sonic game since, because I've heard nothing but terrible things! Until Sonic Colors.

Sonic Colors: 9/10 )
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A movie like this, you think, it can't be as good as everyone's saying.

It was.


Ending thought: Purrpurrpurrpurr.

I am one happy little Batman fangirl.
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Avatar series finale: Possibly the most awesome thing to ever awesome. No, wait, that was episode 3.17.

I won't say much because I hate spoiling people, but uh, thank you for not giving us an epilogue where everyone is twenty years older and married with 2.5 kids, a dog, and thoroughly boring lives. I actually think maybe you could have done it and made me not annoyed by it, but I love you for not doing it. Series do not always need epilogues like that.

Dr. Horrible? Watch it now. Do it before it's no longer free, and enjoy.

Oh, but there's singing. Apparently some people didn't get that memo. (You know, the one always mentioned whenever the name comes up, the one that is in fact in the title of the thing. Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog: The word sing, you see, implies that music will be involved.)

(Sadly, the word -along implied that there would be a little bouncing ball to follow and words scrolling along the bottom of the screen to help you sing, too, but this is not the case.)

I don't know how anyone can not love these two things. If you don't, I -- I just don't know what to say to you. I presume some aspect of fandom has ruined either the product itself or the creator, and that is so sad. I... have a hug for you? :D
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Haven't heard? [livejournal.com profile] kay_willow and I have this thing. A gigantic Kingdom Hearts II AU. We call it "Another Side, Another Story". Because that name should've meant something more.

We always thought it was unfair that Roxas was introduced to us as an independent character with relationships and desires whose sacrifice was not necessary to bring Sora back; and we always found it cruel that in order to unnecessarily sacrifice it, they destroyed his original personality and broke him into tiny little pieces until he had nothing left to hope for.

While KHII was not required to be fair or nice, especially not to Nobodies, we always wanted to remedy that.

So we are. In Another Side, Another Story, we're going off into a neat little what-if.

What if Sora didn't absorb Roxas -- what if Roxas absorbed Sora?

Just a few of the answers to that question: a handful of Nobodies are going to save the multiverse (some of them under duress, it should be noted), the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee
is going to cram a few more people into their tiny headquarters, they're going to go meet Aslan and Roger Rabbit and Goliath, some old
friends are awaiting in Hades, and DiZ will Not Be Happy.

Read through it here at the website or slightly less organized on the community [livejournal.com profile] another_rpg. Feel free to read all the way through or to skip to Day Six for some of the original stuff.

Also, bonus, we started a dressing room to mess around with: [livejournal.com profile] another_dr. If you have any KH character journals and are so inspired, you can play too.
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Very late, about to sleep, but hey, just did three anonymous things that made me feel all warm and fuzzy. Despite what Penny Arcade would indicate.

The first, weeks ago, was posting two fandom secrets; never done it before, thought the subjects would get me wank -- they are INTELLIGENT thoughts, darn it, but anonymity + normal person = raging jackass, as Penny Arcade has so neatly put it, so I thought things would get ugly -- but apparently I phrased them well or something, because all I got was enthusiastic agreement. One of them didn't make it into the normal secrets post, which is a shame, because I think it was kind of important, but people still saw it and word'd me. So that's nice. I might even make another secret, but maybe not, because in skimming for replies to MY secrets, I read comments more thoroughly than I usually do, and caught a fair number of people disagreeing with the latest of many anti-slash asshats.

I mean: You don't have to love slash or seek it out -- it'd be nice if it was just another type of romance for you, and so you liked it if the character dynamic was interesting, didn't otherwise, just the way you'd feel about any het 'ship... but you certainly don't have to think it's wildly hot and keep it as a personal fantasy or anything, whatever. That's fine. But it seems to be really popular right now or something to go on and on about how "all" slash is "OOC". And the very idea that a person's sexuality could be OOC upsets me. Why, exactly? And how?

TL;DR: Quit telling me everyone's straight until proven otherwise. I hate that assumption, it's unrealistic, and I just can't do it. Some characters ARE straight, sure. But rarely do you have an actual canonical situation where a character addresses the possibility of being gay, and thoughtfully dismisses it, so it's not an easy argument to make, sorry. )

...I'd like to make a fandom secret about maybe 1/10th of all that. And forgive me if it came out kind of incoherent or something, it's veeeery late.

By now you may have forgotten that there was a third anonymous thing I did today that made me happy, but it involved the TWEWY kink meme. I really like kink memes. And I don't just say that because I enjoy writing porn. ♥
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Corpse Bride

This movie is very quiet and understated, and I feel like an awful person confessing this, but the first time I watched it it was with someone else underwhelmed by the movie, and I think his reaction was catching.

I was expecting The Nightmare Before Christmas REDUX or something, I think, and this movie isn't it -- the musical numbers, and indeed most of the rest of it, is much more subdued. And without that raucous energy, I just... stopped really watching.

I rented it only on [livejournal.com profile] kay_willow's urging, because she'd never seen it, and part of me wanted to see the ending, which I'd totally missed.

Anyway, enough confessing my dark sins (seriously, not having loved this movie feels like one): So. awesome.

Corpse Bride > Enchanted. It is fact. )

This is so awesome. I can't even express it really. Main Guy did not get Main Girl. Hollywood so very, very rarely does that. (And it would have been so easy to make Victor's new suitor somehow perfect for her and tie her off that way.) They touched and changed each other, he helped her and she helped him (before her, I don't think he would've been able to articulate his feelings for Victoria), but they didn't end up in bed together.

Omg, seriously.
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I'm such a dork, I couldn't think of anything I wanted for Christmas until about three days ago. XD Then I cleaned the whole apartment, and remembered how much I want a futon cover for my futon.

The one that fits my bed is $139, so obviously this isn't a present I could've asked Mom for anyway, but I thought, maybe in smaller doses... :3

Here is the futon cover I'm looking to get, and specifically I want this pretty red and gold kanji pattern. Mmmm, kanji.

So, here's a holding page for linking friends to that want to help out.

If you so desire, donate, comment, and I'll write you a little chunk o' fic in return. :3

(Don't worry, everyone~, drabble challenge is still going. I'm working on the next one even now. ;) I needed to grab a manga volume to write it, but I've got that now, and the house is clean, I wrote a ridiculous amount of porn, etc., etc. *purr* It's coming, it's coming~.)

ETA: Yeah, it's a weird email address. Intentional! That's my spam-catcher. D:
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Seriously, I've never wanted a term to be over more than I do this one.

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Kairi costume: $93

Volumes 1-3 of the KH:CoM manga: 1230 yen

KH:CoM Novels 1-3: 2100 yen

KHII Novels 1 & 2: 1400 yen

(Grand total with shipping being about $75.)

Shortly having translations of all of that, and getting to cosplay like a huge geek this year to boot? Priceless.

The only problem with this commercial is that I use VISA. D'oh.

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