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Also, speaking of Downpour (and Tales of Graces!), here's our liveblogging efforts of late:

Day 6 | Day 7

Day 6 | Day 7 | Day 8

Downpour is coming along slowly -- in part because it is genuinely really fucking tense and sometimes I can only play it for an hour, whereas Graces can be played for four or more hours at a time, and in part because you can get so much more done in one hour of Downpour than in one hour of Graces (in terms of getting closer to the end of the game), and in part because Graces is the game everyone else we know is also playing and so it feels more urgent. X3

But trust me, it's not out of less love. I love Downpour an unhealthy amount.
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If you need proof that poor scores for Silent Hill: Downpour are coming from sources you can safely ignore, then look no further than this review from thegamingvault.com.

Zack Reese, self-proclaimed "big fan of the series" who "wanted to believe just as much as everyone else" that this game would be the first good SH game since the days of the PS2, is the most obvious hack in disguise you will ever see.

Scroll down towards the bottom to see a commentator observing that, for a big fan, Zack sure did make some blunders when describing past Silent Hill games -- including claiming that the protagonist of Silent Hill 2 is named John.

You can also read Zack's defense, which is: "A simple typo which I have fixed. If being a big fan of the series means I need to hop on Wikipedia to get something like that right, then I guess it would be a pretty artificial love. Haha. [...] If you're going to call me out on a couple of arbitrary things, then I think you're being a little overly critical. lol"


Here's the problem, Zack. Getting James's name wrong is not an "arbitrary thing" that could happen to any big fan of the series, and the fact that you think you can dismiss it as a simple typo and say no one should expect you to hop onto Wikipedia to double-check main character names just further reveals that you have no idea what you're talking about.

Silent Hill 2 is kind of the agreed-upon magnum opus of the series, honey. James Sunderland is kind of the most beloved protagonist in the series. Even most people who have only heard of Silent Hill in passing know who James freaking Sunderland is. You have, essentially, claimed to be an expert on of U.S. history and then casually mentioned how "Gregory Washington" crossed the Delaware.

It only seems like an insignificant mistake because you have zero familiarity with the subject matter and don't understand the significance of the guy whose name you just screwed up.

So, yeah. Downpour is still the best Silent Hill game in a decade, and you should check it out. Its inconsistent autosaving is my personal bane and occasional choppy framerates are a little bit sad, but no real Silent Hill fan would ever let technical limitations get them down.

After all, we're the ones who replay Silent Hill 1 and don't give a damn that Harry's face is a block of featureless polygon.
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Tales of Graces f, Day: 4, 5 - which is exceptionally long, because we just played it all damn day. Well, Kay played; I wrote.

COMING UP NEXT: Silent Hill: Downpour, where I will be most decidedly at the controls.
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Two and a half more hours with Downpour, coming at you right.....!


We are forty minutes late starting and should be eating soon. But. Gaaame. c:

(Also, note to self. Tomorrow? All the yelling at Verizon. These phones are such incredible crap.)
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Between how many headaches Downpour gives me when I try to play it while tired (the swimmy camera angle + the tension is hard on meee) and how generally nicer it is to play something fluffy right before bed, we're switching it up so that Downpour comes first and Graces comes second! As such...

SILENT HILL: DOWNPOUR Day Two (two hours) / Day Three (two hours)

TALES OF GRACES F Day Two (three-ish hours) / Day Three (three-ish hours)

I think this (me playing, Kay blogging) is working really well so far, except for the part where I dragged my heels between games trying to reply to people on the previous game's post. X33 Maybe I'll wait to reply to people until the next day. :D
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This covers our first two hours with the game. I loooove it so far. But I hope to play it tomorrow when less exhausted.
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There was a review released in an Australian magazine yesterday that is apparently sending some fans into a tizzy. Let's reproduce the first portion of that review and dissect why I'm not worried.

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Seriously, guys. This kind of tripe should not be all it takes to deflate our happy feelings. The community has been brimming with uneasy excitement over this title, so it's easy to see why some people would be breaking under the strain and overreacting. (The forum where this article was reproduced called it the "final nail" in the series' coffin.) But this review ain't nothin' to be worried about.

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More voice actor comparisons for Silent Hill 2: HD.

An unpopular opinion I've voiced pretty frequently: I like the new voices. A lot. From this sample, Angela is my favorite part. I respect the artistic integrity of the voice actress; I know that they, for some reason, wanted to make her look and sound a lot older than she really was. (Angela is supposed to be 18, it says so in the instruction manual or on the Japanese site; I forget which.) But I like how -- natural and human the new voice sounds.

I also like Troy Baker's James and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn's Mary, but Angela was new for me to hear and I love it.

BUT DON'T WORRY. If you hate them, you can turn 'em right off.

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