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Final Fantasy XIII-2 is a horrible game. You can read my dubious liveblogging of it here, at length. The truth is that this game does not deserve many words.

As someone who really enjoyed the combat in the first installment, I found it much less compelling this time around. From its first tutorial battle, the game puts you in paradigms that don't build the chain gauge very effectively, and that for me sets the tone for later in the game, when, without any power leveling I'm aware of, I suddenly found myself just killing all enemies very quickly, with the exception of a tiny handful of bosses I wasn't meant to be able to defeat yet and one Tonberry. (All of which killed me in one to two hits, so it's not like these harder battles were more fun; they were just impossible.)

The game didn't set me up to build the chain gauge because there is no longer any point to building the chain gauge. Things die before you get the chance.

I only changed out two monsters from my paradigm deck and I barely leveled them because I didn't buy any leveling items from Chocolina, just worked with what I found. I bought the most powerful weapons because I wasn't spending gil on anything else, and I leveled according to the advice of a walkthrough I found because the leveling system in this game is massively unintuitive and I didn't want to waste my CP.

That's it. I didn't use a Game Shark and I didn't really fiddle. I don't know how I broke the game so badly. But apparently I did, and as a result the combat sucked. Is it more effective in this game to use Tri-Disaster-->Relentless Assault or throw in some Synergists and Saboteurs? Oh, wait, everything is already dead, so there's literally no point to experimenting. You probably won't even have time to experiment on 99% of encounters, because everything will be dead before you've finished your second round of attacks, no matter what.

It was boring.

The story is gibberish, but it's also insulting gibberish. If I weren't so distracted by everything else being horrible, I could write a lengthy essay on all of the anti-feminism in this game, which is ridiculous considering its source material. How do you screw up that badly?

I really thought I was going to make it through the game anyway, but quite unexpectedly the game went from being groan-inducing and silly to being intolerably awful. If I strained myself, I could find kind things to say about the story, because there are one or two interesting ideas buried in this muck, but the execution is ridiculously bad. This is schlock.

I kind of want all the people in the Silent Hill fandom who can't stop complaining about everything to play this game, just to see what terrible looks like.

Seriously: Don't buy this game. Don't even rent it, because if you rent it it might fool you. It had us fooled for at least ten hours, thinking it was kind of charmingly awkward but still interesting. The beginning might even seem sort of like fun.

So just don't give it that chance.

I never say this. I never tell people not to buy games just because I didn't like them. But this game has no redeeming value and you will only be wasting your time and your money.

By the way? I know how the game ends. I spoiled myself after I knew I would never play another second of it. And the ending only makes everything a million times worse.
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I didn't skip anything, I just probably didn't record my time properly last time!

Fragments: 26/160

Let's do this thing. Heading back into Academia 4XX AF.

ETA: We're done. Which is not the same thing as being finished. We're only halfway through the game, and we turned it off and agreed to sell it back to GameStop in the morning.

This game is terrible. I will not be sorry to not play any more of it.
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Hey, our "Story so far" finally included another moment of Snow! Lolol.

Continuing with Augusta Tower, Year 200.

As a reminder (I think I've mentioned this before), I actually did Augusta Tower, Year 300 first, got a key for Floor 50, and was then blocked and told I had to come here in another time. Since Augusta Tower, Year 200 wasn't unlocked yet, I realized I'd missed some gates somewhere and backtracked for about six hours.

Just gettin' that out of the way.

As always, you're welcome to comment along! Just no spoilers please, although obviously my comments will all contain loads of spoilers.
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Yeah, that's our time played so far. Total fragments: 23/160. Sob.

No really it will be longer this time!

We're on Coliseum, Year Unknown.
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Coliseum, Year ????

As always, this post will contain spoilers but please don't post spoilers of your own! We are new to this game.
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I'm kind of tangled up because I managed to miss some time gates and didn't have the right locations on my time map to advance the story. Suffice it to say that we've been to the Tron-like tower of the future (Augusta Tower) and the pretty jungle (Sunleth Waterscape) and I didn't do them in the right order. Now I'm at the Archylte Steppe.

NOW YOU ARE WARNED. You know where we are. Roughly. Comments on this entry to be as stream of consciousness as possible, hopefully to keep me motivated!

Also the entry will be a short one, as my mom just invited us over for a movie and dinner. Hee.

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