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Cut for spoilers.

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UPDATE: Game over. Ending sucks.

I got a really bad piece of advice, so I just want to counter it. DO NOT use Lightning's Army of One ability to build the chain gauge during the final fight. It's a nice suggestion and it's a cool attack, but by dealing all of her damage in a fraction of a second, you lose out. The tiny, tiny pauses between attacks make a big difference in your ability to get the chain gauge full before Temporal something or other wipes it clean.

So: Relentless Assault, auto-attack, get the chain gauge up, heal sparingly. Once staggered, keep up the Relentless Assault until chain gauge is at 999% then swap to Aggression (COM/COM/RAV) and smack the crap out of 'im. Rinse, repeat. I made use of Renew to save time. Lalala.
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Side note: I hate Orphan's Cradle. Technicolor maze of repetitive battles with annoying, cheap opponents who riddle you with status ailments and crush your health down to single digits with special attacks. BUT, THAT ASIDE...

Party: Lightning, Sazh, Vanille

This one took quite a while, but I feel like I did well, under the circumstances. (I'm not as ridicuawesome as the guys who wrote the two boss FAQs up on GameFAQs, which both assume you will kill this boss before he deactivates his limiters, but I assume they did a LOT of upgrading and equipment-purchasing.)

GENERAL TIP: Keep an eye on your buffs throughout the fight. If Lightning's Haste or Protect fails, immediately swap to a Synergist form to re-cast them. This will become especially important in the second phase of the fight.

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Since FFXIII is coming out very soon, we're blasting through this game!

Sometimes I feel like I can listen to any Troy Baker character and do an instant Yuri canon review.

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ETA: Lightning/Sazh/Vanille might be my new party FOREVER jesus this is awesome, you guys. Suggested Paradigm Deck inside.

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