Bleach 482

Feb. 29th, 2012 03:35 pm
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Spoilers! You were warnnnned.

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[personal profile] sincere wrote an awesome theory about Cross in DGM. (DON'T READ IF YOU AREN'T CAUGHT UP ON 212 BUT here's a link.)

That in turn prompted paragraphs from me about the difference between the way Kubo Tite has been handling Bleach and the way Hoshino has been handling D.Gray-Man. Warning: I'm technically a fan of both, but I side with Hoshino on this one.

Further warning: THERE ARE SO MANY SPOILERS IN HERE IT'S INSANE. So don't read this, either, unless you're caught up to DGM 212 and at least Bleach 480.

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Bleach 414

Jul. 29th, 2010 06:40 pm
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As for what my Gin-voice has to say about all of this -- well, he's a very easy-going little pup. He takes this revelation like he's taken all others: with a genial, vaguely apologetic shrug of his shoulders and a smile. "What?" he seems to say in the back of my mind. "I thought you knew this would happen. ♥"
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--Pffft. So, "Turn Back the Pendulum" has been bothering myself and [ profile] kay_willow for a while, to varying degrees.

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Oh, all of the action sequences were very beautiful.

Also, heeee. Rukia's no-nonsense, "Yes, it's great to see us all, I know, now go get the girl," greeting.

Yeah, the 'shipper in me is a little smug, but mostly I just think that's the cutest thing. It brings Rukia back into the role she had when she delivered Ichigo and forced him to apologize to Orihime; that of making sure an idiot does right by his girl.

It's just. Awwwww. It's moments like these that make me really like Rukia's relationship with Ichigo. (And love her relationship with Orihime. It's like a big-sister thing, or something. Like Tatsuki, but different. Possibly because she hasn't yet told Orihime she "could do so much better". XD)

Not essaying, though, because I don't think there's anything to essay about. This is really pretty cut-and-dried, IMHO.

Also, "Hellboy II" was pretty awesome. "Phantom of the Opera", which we rented despite [ profile] kay_willow's having heard awful things about it, was much less so. Bleh. I'm still glad to know the whole story, though, so that the next time she plays the soundtrack (which features a Phantom who can actually sing, sorry sir), I'll have the spectacle in my head to enjoy too. ♥
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Ah, that's right; Chapter -103.

I will not be joining the people now enthusiastically 'shipping Kensei and Mashiro. Sorry. I still kind of feel like he thinks she's retarded, and even though he has now maybe -- sort of?! -- looked at her cleavage, I'm going to quote Buffy's Xander on this and say, "No offense, but when a guy does that, it just means his eyes are open."

I mean, everything about her grates on him! )

...Seriously, if I wanted hot hatesex, I'd pair Hiyori and Mayuri faster. I find her impotent rage at him (and especially his refusal to behave like her subordinate) hilarious. Lookit the little vein popping in her forehead, aww. But I don't really like hatesex in my active 'ships, thanks. :\
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Gin Gin Gin Gin.

The last chapter omg.


Spoilerz?? )

And congrats, [ profile] kay_willow. Byakuya and Yoruichi and HAIR TIES ee.
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I have one word:

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First of all, I see that LJ's crack management team continues to excel at decision-making and profit. Go them. If only this place were being run by spider monkeys.

Second, new Bleach chapter. I've still been reading, yes, in spite of being distracted by Other Things and extremely sick this week for no good reason. As I understand it, the Them of Ichigo/Rukia is crowing wildly over the last two chapters -- or perhaps it would be more accurate to call them the Them of Anti-Ichigo/Orihime, as there's been nothing even remotely Ichigo/Rukia for them to cheer about, only an absence of their, ah, "competitors".

I had prepared a long-winded defense of my 'ship, with a great deal of eye-rolling; I was all set to pull out more allegedly Ichigo-Rukia moments and argue about how they fall short, or are otherwise beaten-out by similar moments Ichigo has had with Orihime. I was ready, and powered by irritation and resentment.

Then I stopped, and looked at what I was writing, and realized: I hate this.

I don't hate explaining why I see Ichigo/Orihime, or why I do pretty much expect it to be canon. I do hate explaining away Ichigo/Rukia.

I like that Ichigo cares about Rukia. I love how important she is to him, I love the dorky-fail that is his hefting her and throwing her like a softball to Renji, and the way she double-teams him every now and then with Renji. I love Rukia, and how much Orihime cares about her. I love the fact that (aside from a very inconsistent line in the Bount arc, later refuted by actual dialogue from the manga), Orihime clearly went to rescue her friend, for her friend's sake, and not to follow her crush like a groupie. I love how Rukia promised she'd help her get stronger, and I almost cried when she was crawling, broken, along the ground, vowing to rescue Orihime because she knows what it's like to be a prisoner.

I love that.

I don't want Ichigo not to care about Rukia. I don't know how or why anyone can be so happy about what they see as the reverse.


I could tear your pairing to shreds, please believe me. In fact, I think I could tear pretty much anything to shreds. But it would only make me feel like a horrible person. I care about who Ichigo dates, yeah -- but I care a lot more about who his friends are.
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Okay. A quickie update:

Moved in, a month and a half ago. Started school. Still working. Currently doing a floor set, which is slightly awesome, but almost always exhausting. I would much rather do mannequins in tiny bursts rather than for four straight days -- by the end of it I'm always being kind of lazy in a desperate attempt to get it all done on time.

Finished Tales of the Abyss. Started playing Tales of Symphonia. Started over again in an attempt to get the Zelos ending, even though we haven't quite finished our first game.

Started up a lovely creepy Bleach RPG: [ profile] k_a_r_a_k_u_r_a Which is essentially Bleach + the ubiquitous vengeful ghost + freaky "stuck in time" setting. Like Bleach meets Fatal Frame by way of a dark alley in Silent Hill. Everyone should go app, even though every new person means yet more work for me. X3

May have SECRETLY started up ANOTHER game for ANOTHER fandom. A secret fandom.

But in the meantime: a rant.

Ichigo/Rukia vs. Ichigo/Orihime: Fight fight! )

My posit: Ichigo is head-over-heels for Orihime. He just doesn't know it yet. He hasn't really thought about his feelings, and he is still convinced that he likes Orihime only as much as he likes any of his other friends. But he is wrong, obviously wrong, and later chapters will probably tend towards this.

Anyone who honestly believes anything else... well, I don't think they're really paying attention.

It will not break me if Ichigo/Orihime doesn't wind up being canon, though. I try not to get desperately attached to any 'ship being canon, or really any event happening, because that can only lead to disappointment.

And for what it's worth? I didn't really see Ichigo/Orihime as being credible until just recently.
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Spoiler-free, I promise.

In the manga (300): Everyone's been romanizing it as Leroux or Le Roux. We finally get a title page for him, and somehow it says "Zommaer". What the hell.

Two seconds later: Ahh, Leroux/Le Roux is his last name. Zommaer is his first, which the first scanslation guessed was "Samaire". Okay then!

In the anime (147-148): Like much of the recent filler additions (mostly the "Arrancar Encyclopedia" segments), I reacted to most of these with, "Nice idea, but... what? That doesn't make sense," and "Doesn't [this part] kind of contradict [that other part]?" Nonetheless, it's interesting enough, considering, and everyone's been in character, so it's fun to watch. I strangely enjoyed most of Rukia's random lines, just the sound of her voice actor talking. I like her Japanese, somehow.

I appreciate Ashido. There seems to be more thought put into this guy than Ichinose Maki of the Bount arc, and he's pretty. I can appreciate eye candy.

Also, doing a drabble challenge post. And I sketched something. Just some random guy; I like the eyes, and I especially like the hair. Shoulders aren't bad.

I need to draw more. I've missed it. XD
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I actually really enjoyed this episode. What the writers added in to fill it out a little was light and funny and nice, because I've been missing the Bleach humor recently.

But that's not so much the reason for this post. No one else has noticed, as near as I can tell, so I just had to point out Gin's pretty blue bow.

Thank you, anime, so much. D: I noticed something weird and pale blue protruding from Gin's hips in this picture, but I really wasn't sure what it was until we got that nice color lineup. :D

Well, maybe Gin's hakama are easier to get open than normal hakama because of his bow.

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