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Dreamwidth provides support for searching a journal or community by multiple tags. The trick is to separate the tags in the URL with commas.

For example, in my [community profile] rainfalling fanworks community:
tales of vesperia = all my Tales of Vesperia fics
tales of vesperia,tales of the abyss = all my Tales of Vesperia and all of my Tales of the Abyss fics
tales of vesperia,.gen?mode=all = all my Tales of Vesperia gen fics
tales of vesperia,.slash?mode=all = all my Tales of Vesperia slash fics
tales of vesperia,.slash,-smut?mode=all = all my smutty Tales of Vesperia slash fics

The ?mode=all option is important for making the latter section of tags work. With it, you will get only fics that are BOTH gen and Vesperia. Without it, you will get ALL gen fics and ALL Vesperia fics, in case you wanted to read my Vesperia stuff but were also interested in every gen fic I'd ever written.

Personally, I kind of think it should default the other way, but hey! It's pretty awesome that the feature exists at all.

ETA: If you try other things on my writing journal, you might get some unexpected results because I'm in the process of renaming my tags! Just a warning. It's not a DW problem, it's a me problem. ♥

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