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I think I am genuinely giving up on foundation again for a while.

I have tried a number of products now -- some of them in smart ways, like going to Sephora or Macy's and getting a sample, and some in not-so-smart ways, like buying a whole tube from a drug store -- and I am just not really satisfied with the results.

I'm also turning 29 this year, so maybe I'm still kind of young to "worry" about foundation, and I should just stick with moisturizer with concealer as needed.

Further babble goes here. )

Anyway, these were my thoughts. Hope you enjoyed!
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...Wow, really? XD You go out of your way to license R2-D2, and then you say he's from Naboo...

I'm having trouble imagining the target audience that would be like, "Aw yeah, R2-D2!" and not go, "...Tatooine. You meant Tatooine, right?"

I guess we're looking for the segment of the population who thinks R2-D2 is cool, but hasn't actually seen any of the movies. :|a
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So, here's the deal.

We would like to watch The West Wing today.

The first season of The West Wing is in our possession. It's unopened, although not something that was bought recently. I remove the plastic wrap, put in the DVD.

On the third episode, it skips unrecoverably. It continues to do that for the remaining episode. The disk is not dirty; I wipe it off meticulously anyway. The skip continues. I try it in our PS3 instead, which is notoriously more sensitive and plays skippy disks better: no luck. Still unrecoverable.


I find that Netflix can play these episodes. I want to use a free trial, since I don't really want to sign up for their service, especially since I can't actually tell what their library looks like. (They claim to have "Seasons 1-3" of Parks & Recreations, which I know was streaming instantly when we had an account, and just "The West Wing", which I know was not streaming when we had our account. There's no distinction between the two listings on their stupid site.)

All I want is the free trial, so that I can watch something I ALREADY OWN, legally, without skipping issues.

Netflix starts to give me the free trial, then notes that my credit card information, which I guess they kept on file, matches an account they used to have. They pop up a message saying that I'm not eligible for the free trial, but hey, I can keep renew my service and they'll happily charge me!

Yeah, no. You're not getting my fucking money, Netflix. Not today or ever. I was willing to take a look and see if your stock had improved. I was willing to consider paying for your service again. But this is a dick move, and today was not the day to pull it on me.

Know who doesn't care if you sign up for their service again and want the cheap rates again? Comcast. That's right: Comcast sucks less than you. Good job, there.

ETA: Giving Hulu+ a shot! I can actually see their catalogue, and they have a free trial for a week.
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Posted separately because it's just much much much easier that way. Trust me.

Because now I'm naming names and maybe spoiling some people? )
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Kingdom Hearts II deck of cards.

Black: Nobody insignias, Keyblades
Red: Heartless insignias, Hearts

Who would the face cards (and the Jokers) be?

((I have some ideas of my own, but I'm not putting them here. I want to see what you guys think. What would you EXPECT the face cards to be?? And feel free to list individual ideas -- like, an idea for the Heartless Queen -- alone. You don't have to give me all three if you can't think of two others that would go with that one idea.))

[EDIT: Aces aren't face cards -- the Ace of Keyblades would be a single tiny keyblade image in the center of the white card. Yeah, it depresses me, too. D:]
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*uses icon 'cuz it's pretty!*

So, new adorable layout. *claws a bit at the pink version, nuuuu, everyone must know i'm female~* Psychology always does this to me.

(There's a rant there concerning the way my last professor taught all the crap on homosexuality, and what's actually in the textbook about it, but, bah, that's not really the point of this little entry~.)

Besides, according to my Bible icon, bunnies are an abomination unto the lord, c.f. Leviticus. And. You know. You just can't go wrong with that!

I've got in two hours.

I probably should've done the homework for it.

...ah well! There was something entertaining on [livejournal.com profile] ruinreverse, and now I just can't be bothered. ♥

I can't believe it's almost the weekend again. (I don't have class on Fridays.)

I so very need to get cracking on [livejournal.com profile] kay_willow's birthday present. But the pictures of everyone's hair is at home, and I've never drawn [one of] these characters before. D: And then when I get home, there's RP and homework to distract me...

*needs a laptop so that she can also be distracted by rp at school look at reference pictures, yes*

By the way, does anyone know a brand of tablet PC they'd swear by? CNET had some reviews, but no one says anything about what it's like to really draw with one. Everybody seems to be essentially buying them for $2000 pads of paper. (They want to use them to take notes in meetings. What is wrong with these people.)

I actually wanted to get a Sony VAIO, due to the previous discussion in [livejournal.com profile] kay_willow's journal, but they only make mini-tablet PCs. (And. really, what's the point?)

Also: Wtf, I'm using this as an actual JOURNAL. Sort of. Wow! It's been AGES since that happened. XD

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