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Keep Calm Hyrule ([personal profile] keepcalmhyrule) wrote in [personal profile] rainfall 2012-01-05 02:27 am (UTC)

Troposcope Green CSS

Using the same steps above, you can also have green!

Just paste this code into the box instead of the one above.

While I have the really light green for the background because of my visual needs (that much unbroken white can be difficult for me to read text on) you can change that to white if you want, go to the "COLOR CHANGES" Section, find this code:

body.tropo #canvas {
background: #f5fbf8 !important;

and replace it in it's entirety with this code:

body.tropo #canvas {
background: #ffffff !important;

and voila!

Alternately, this is a good code for an even softer green that's not quite white:

body.tropo #canvas {
background: #fffbf8 !important;

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