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Libek ([personal profile] rainfall) wrote2011-12-25 06:47 pm

Importing Bloggish to Dreamwidth

  1. From the main menu, choose Organize --> Journal Style. Click on Advanced Customization and then click on Your Layers.

  2. Scroll down to Create Layer. Choose Create top-level layer. Type: Layout. Core Version: 1. Click Create.

  3. Look at Your Layers. Find the "layout" layer under Child of layer 1: Livejournal S2 Core, v1. Click Edit.
  4. Paste this source code:

    Or, alternatively, this source code that I've edited slightly to make userpics appear nicely beside their entries:

  5. Save and compile

  6. Now, scroll down to layout-specific layer. Type: theme, Layout: Bloggish. (It will be at the bottom, with your created styles.) Click Create
  7. .
  8. Paste in the following:

  9. Save and compile.

  10. Go back to Customize Journal. Select a new theme, and choose Your Custom Layers from the menu. Select "(None)", which will give you a blank canvas to work on for Bloggish!

  11. Now just take your desired Bloggish-based custom CSS and paste it into the CSS area. Congratulations! You have an imported Bloggish layout. ♥

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this is wonderful, li. thank you! ♥
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