Sep. 14th, 2013

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Still going strong on my experiment. :)

So far I've had several days where I wanted to try skipping shampoo altogether and two where I actually did, but I think for me personally this was jumping the gun. I've been a shower-every-single-day girl pretty much since I was a kid, and when I have a bad day or a crampy day or a sick day I sometimes take a bath too. (Just to relax and soak, kinda Japanese-style I guess, but still!)

What I'm saying is that it's probably going to be a few months realistically before my hair is really used to not being completely stripped of oils and I'm able to go a day without shampooing.

Also too I didn't have a shower cap (this looks interesting), so once I rinsed my hair with cold water and once I tried to keep it dry, but neither time did I actually succeed in keeping it completely dry, making it harder to tell. I tend to take quite hot showers, so I know that even just the water itself is probably stripping my hair of oils. Working on that... :( But not there yet.

I haven't really made any changes to my routine so far, but I think I have the best luck with actually a quite diluted solution of water / baking soda, 2 tbsp to 9 tbsp water, poured over my entire head. (Later, when my hair gets less oily, I'll be restricting most of the baking soda to my roots.) I follow this up with a miniature scalp massage, then I count to 180 while doing the rest of my shower routine.

I try to turn down the heat some, rinse my "shampoo" out thoroughly, then again apply the apple cider vinegar mix to my entire head. (2 tbsp to 8 tbsp water.) I work this through my hair with my fingers, then turn all the hot water off and rinse my hair out thoroughly with cold water.

I finish the whole thing off by wrapping my head with my Turkish towel.

(Why this particular kind of towel? Because it's super-thin and 100% cotton. Mostly recommended for the curly-haired, this is the theory behind the T-Shirt Towel tip. And if you don't have $17 to blow on a new towel, a t-shirt will work just as well. :) Personally, I find this tip just makes my straight-to-wavy hair look much nicer -- plus, it helps the hair to dry way faster without using a hairdryer! And since longer hair drying time is one of the few downfalls to skipping shampoo...... well, you get the idea, right? ;) )

As a final step, today I'm going to try putting a little bit of essential oils on my hair brush. It was probably just an illusion or coincidence, but the few times I tried putting the essential oils in the conditioner, I thought they made my hair tangle a tiny bit more easily than without. But darn it, I want that nice smell, and the put-it-on-the-comb-or-hairbrush theory is something I read from other people. :) So why not give it a shot!

Seriously, anyone reading this, I have been SO happy with my hair these last two weeks. I keep peeking into mirrors and smiling at it. >.>;; Completely worth the effort of getting started, I promise you.
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Reminded by this post on my dash the other day, I checked on Netflix and Grave Encounters and Grave Encounters 2 are both still available to stream. Awesome.

If you've got a Netflix account and you're a fan of found footage horror -- or at least open to seeing one done right -- then you should definitely check these out. What have you got to lose?!

There are some caveats. I'll try to avoid spoilers for the first part of this post, so feel free to read on down. I'll tell you when to stop!

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