Aug. 31st, 2013

rainfall: (wink ;; never make that face again)
Started my Pill yesterday :3

When you get any kind of BC pill, apparently you're supposed to start it DURING your next period, and everything is labeled for a Sunday start, but a) my doctor told me that's purely cosmetic -- a "Subday start" so that your period will be over by the weekend??? I don't remember the details because she told me it didn't matter~ -- and b) my period was going to be over by then.

But thank god I checked? Because I totally thought I was supposed to start after it was OVER and then I would have had to wait another month dghdfh

ALSO, I'm trying the no-shampoo thing again, this time with a baking soda and vinegar rinse.

Supposedly the idea is 1-2 tbsp baking soda + enough water to make a paste. Work that through your hair, especially roots / scalp, leave it in for 1-3 minutes (depending on your hair's oiliness), then rinse it out.

Next, apple cider vinegar + 1-3 drops of lavender essential oils (just for the smell, because the vinegar will make you reek), and finish by rinsing your hair with COLD water.

Start by doing this as often as you currently shampoo, later you'll be able to do it less often.

I have a good feeling about this because I shower every day and my hair gets really greasy if I go without shampoo and after THREE MONTHS it had still not recovered so I previously had to throw in the towel. But wish me luck.

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