Jul. 16th, 2013

rainfall: (do ALL the things!)
We own a Wii and Wii Fit. We were doing some work with it pretty regularly for a while, and I would never discourage anyone from doing it, because the best exercise is the one you can actually do regularly.

But I really feel so far like the Kinnect and Nike + Kinnect Training were good investments, a more sophisticated system that probably would never have been invented without the Wii and its enormous success.

Bonuses so far:

1.) An initial assessment of your physical fitness that actually affects the training program you are set up with. (As opposed to your Wii Fit Age, which I'm pretty sure is just for your own edification.)

2.) A scheduled workout. You can choose which days you want to work out on, and the program will give you feedback about the effectiveness of that schedule. You can also make up for missed days and squeeze in extra workouts if you want, two options that I think will help us when we get off track.

3.) Four week intervals to track your progress in a meaningful way. (Checking in every week is too often, checking in only when your deadline for weight loss approaches is too infrequently.)

4.) We haven't been asked for a goal weight yet or a deadline to reach that weight. I think these are actually GOOD things, because getting into better shape is only partially about the numbers on the scale. I especially appreciate it because although I could be ten pounds lighter, most of what I really need here is to get into better shape. Not just toning -- although that's the program I selected -- but reflexes, blood pressure, balance, all of that. I am terrible and kind of fall over right now when I try to stand on one leg for any reason.

5.) We're doing our first actual workout today. We are both giant aching bruises just from the assessment yesterday. (To be fair, we also did some sessions of Kinnect Adventures and Just Dance 4 after we no longer wanted to die.) And I can't emphasize how important it really genuinely is that Nike + Kinnect Training includes warmups and cooldowns. There's some stretching being done here! Thank god.

So far? So good. Of course, we are literally on day 1, and I haven't done mine yet.....

Gonna start doing that RIGHT NOW.

/runs away

ETA: It can be really super frustrating though when the Kinnect misreads you, as it will on occasion. I had less of this today, but yesterday it repeatedly confused my left and right legs, and forced me to do more than one exercise on the same side twice because of this.

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