Jul. 13th, 2013

rainfall: (caaaaake)

Above are the S'mores Cups that I made tonight.

I love S'mores, but most S'mores-flavored things are pretty inferior to actual S'mores. These little cupcakes, on the other hand, are like the essence of S'mores, and they were really easy to make, from all the same ingredients you would use on actual S'mores. (And as such, if you like your S'mores with dark chocolate or any other substitutions, you can make these in the same way.)

I put an unfinished one into my mouth as soon as they were done being in the oven and immediately came out of the kitchen telling [personal profile] sincere and my little sister that I couldn't wait until we were done with dinner and could eat them, and they laughed at me. When I brought out the tray, my little sister was still full and said, "They're small, right? Maybe I'll just eat one..."

Then, they actually tried them. My sister immediately took a second one and both of them wanted seconds.

And thirds.

THESE ARE DELICIOUS. And all you need is a mini muffin pan and a resealable plastic bag to crush the graham crackers in.

(They could probably also be made as full-sized cupcakes with more graham crackers and twice the chocolate / marshmallow content, if you don't have a mini muffin pan.) (Just sayin'.)

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