Feb. 2nd, 2013

rainfall: A girl in a hat reaches for the skyline of a distant city. (reach for the sky)
I just had a dream about a Dragon Age-style game.

It was very typical DA stuff, fantasy game, main character trying to solve everyone's problems and bring about Peace in the Land. Fine game. Don't remember too many of the details.

Except for one thing, which BioWare had better never add to it.

Towards the end of the game, I took brief control over a completely gormless side character. This side character was a random townsperson who got assigned the duty of delivering one of my messages, and I didn't get to pick what she looked like -- fine -- but she also had no name. At all. Which seemed a little weird, but made me think, well, random thing, okay. So me and Gormless delivered the message, and then there was an immediate crisis and Gormless wound up being a little bit of help in smoothing things over between the races.

It doesn't sound too bad so far, right? Right. It was almost sort of neat, because no one has any respect for Gormless, so her influence is very limited. Maybe intended to be a "behind the scenes" sort of moment.

After a while, you switch back to your player character, and things continue normally, though you see Gormless in the background once or twice.

But then you go back to playing as Gormless, and this happens once or twice more, including a scene where you have to pick out jewelry for Gormless to wear to a celebration dinner, and you know what?

Every. Single. Minor. Choice. That you make as Gormless. Decides things I'd rather have been able to decide myself.

For example, choosing the jewelry? That SOMEHOW tells the game which of the eligible bachelors and bachelorettes your main character gets to dance with later!

What the hell. :(

Anyway, I feel like this game-dream was partially related to my having played a bit of Book of Memories last night, which was really awesome and which has a bunch of things where you are encouraged by the game to make choices completely blindly. But that WORKS in a Silent Hill game, and my only sadness is that I can make one particular choice very baldly and I wish it were handled differently. But that review is upcoming. :D

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