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Code Geass: Turn 12.06 Transcription

NOTE: This is not a translation. This PD was officially translated and included on the Bluray Box Set in October, 2016. It's... not always a great translation (mostly just kind of stiff -- everyone in the new Funimation subs sounds like a robot, I assume they were pressed for time), but it is official.

Turn 12.06

[ This takes place immediately after the Cupid's Day festival, and is Milly's graduation celebration, now continuing into the night. ]

RIVALZ: Testing, one two three testing. (louder) Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for attending the Cupid Day event. And now, for the after-party, which is also President Milly's thank-you party!

MILLY: Hey, everyone! The Ashford Academy student council grew so big, all thanks to me!

EVERYONE: (cheers)

RIVALZ: Thank you, President! Thank you so much!

MILLY: Yes, yes. Thank me from your heart!

EVERYONE: (cheering and clapping) Thank you! Thank you!

[ Cut to Lelouch and Shirley, standing at the back of the room. ]

LELOUCH: I'm not sure about a thank-you party that enforces appreciation.

SHIRLEY: Yeah, but it's very much like her.

LELOUCH: (chuckling) That's true. Anyway, I've always known her as the President leading the academy, so seeing her leave is, well...

MILLY: Oooh, Lelouch, are you going to miss me?

[ Lelouch jerks back from her sudden appearance. ]

SHIRLEY: What are you doing here? What about your speech?

MILLY: It's fine. If someone wants to run the show, you should let them.

[ Rivalz is doing so right now. ]

RIVALZ: Now we'll play a special movie that sums up the president's accomplishments!

[ The video starts playing with The Last Evening (track 16 on the OST) as background music. ]

SHIRLEY: (surprised) Rivalz had a movie prepared too?

LELOUCH: He should put his talents to better use.

MILLY: Lelouch. :|

LELOUCH: Huh? --What?!

[ Milly shoves his (or rather, Shirley's) Cupid's Day hat on him. ]

MILLY: The winner of Cupid Day can't forget to wear his hat!

LELOUCH: Wasn't this just for the event?! :|

MILLY: Of course not! You're to wear it for one week.


SHIRLEY: Come to think of it, I saw a blurb about that on the participation agreement...

MILLY: It has a location tracker, so don't you disarm it~.

LELOUCH: A location tracker?!

MILLY: So we can monitor the two of you, making sure you don't split up easily.

LELOUCH: T, that's...

LELOUCH'S INTERNAL MONOLOGUE: Oh no. I have to go back to the Chinese Federation after this! But wait, Shinkiro's communication jammer will take care of it. It'll easily block the signal from the location tracker... And I can't afford to make a scene right now... Oh, well. I'll give it to Sayoko later.

[ Meanwhile, the graduation video shows tiny Milly. She appears to be running a group of elementary school students into the ground. She gestures to a sign that says THREE DAYS 'TIL X'MAS, with a tiny sash around her that says GUTS on it. ]

SHIRLEY: Oh, you've been president since you were in elementary school?

MILLY: Yes, but it was called the Children's Council back then.

LELOUCH: Oh, is that so?

SHIRLEY: Huh? Lulu, you didn't already know that?

LELOUCH: I started attending Ashford in middle school.

SHIRLEY: Ah, okay.

MILLY: --Wait.


MILLY: Wasn't there... one more person back then?

LELOUCH'S INTERNAL MONOLOGUE: I see. Even though their memories were rewritten by the Emperor, that doesn't necessarily change what's deep down in their hearts.

MILLY: Umm, ummmmm, who was it?

[ Rolo slides in and puts his arms around one of Lelouch's arms. ]

ROLO: Come on, President! It was me, of course.

SHIRLEY: Ah, Rolo!

ROLO: Who other than me would be by my brother's side?

SHIRLEY: Of course, President, that must be it.

ROLO: Right, Shirley? ♥

SHIRLEY: Right, Rolo! ♥

[ They laugh together. ]

ROLO'S INTERNAL MONOLOGUE: (furiously) Shirley Fenette. I'll give you credit for taking advantage of the event. Well, if it has come to this, then I'll have to get her on my side here. I'll have her slave under Villetta and pull her off Brother someday.

LELOUCH: (suspiciously) What are you thinking, Rolo?

ROLO: Eh? W, what do you mean~?

LELOUCH: Well, your eyes looked like... Anyway, President!


LELOUCH: Are you really going to get married?

MILLY: Mmm. Are you curious~?

RIVALZ: (appearing from thin air) THEN YOU'RE NOT GOING TO?!

ROLO: Err, Rivalz-san... weren't you on stage just a second ago?

RIVALZ: This is more important, though!! So, um, Milly--

MILLY: Gino and Anya, where are they?


LELOUCH: I think they went to return their Knightmares to the army.

MILLY: I see...

SHIRLEY: Do they have something to do with it?

MILLY: Well, they asked for a favor, and it seems our family's position will be okay. They said Suzaku helped as well. You know, because Knights of the Round are special.

RIVALZ: So that means...!

MILLY: Yep, I don't have to rush into anything.

RIVALZ: WOOHOO! ALL RIGHT! ..............err, right, Shirley?


ROLO: Brother?

LELOUCH: Why are you asking me?

MILLY: (giggling) It just means I don't have to rush. And I have lots of things I wanted to do anyway.

SHIRLEY: Ohhh, so you DO have a serious side.

MILLY: Hey! (giggles) Nina gave me advice, too.

LELOUCH: Nina? You still keep in touch?

MILLY: Of course! (sad music starts) ...Maybe it's because she's working hard in the homeland, but she's gotten very mature...

RIVALZ: Heh. Do you feel a little lonely because you can't take care of Nina anymore?

MILLY: No way! People are interesting because they move forward. That goes for you, too, Lelouch. You can't always be brother-this, brother-that.

LELOUCH: Eh? What are you talking about?

MILLY: (takes a deep breath) Not changing your distance or feelings about people is your flaw!

NOTE: That's a very literal sentence, which... is probably more like, "Maintaining your distance and not letting your feelings about people change is your flaw."

[ Shirley makes an impressed noise. ]

RIVALZ: She does have a point...

LELOUCH: What?! Rolo, do you agree too?

ROLO: Um, if you think it's true, then maybe it is.

LELOUCH: So, she's right....

RIVALZ: Oh! The movie's about to end!!

MILLY: Then we need to move on to the next program.

[ The lights come up and she takes a deep breath. ]

MILLY: Okay! So now, I have something for everyone here to show my gratitude to you guys! Members of the Maid Club, please bring them out! I've cooked them all with appreciation for everybody!

EVERYONE: (cheers and claps)

ROLO: Wow, Brother!

LELOUCH: Surprisingly, giving out well-deserved thank-yous is one of her virtues.

C.C.: (evidently a member of the maid club) That's right... Lelouch.


C.C.: It wouldn't hurt to thank me or the members of the Black Knights~

ROLO: Zero, thanking people?

IMAGINARY ZERO: People! Always compliant with my orders, no matter what! My people! I shall provide you with words of appreciation!! I, Zero, will declare to you now...! I am thankful!

ROLO: .............no, no, no, no. There's no way.

LELOUCH: Rolo... what were you thinking?

ROLO: Err, about how long you're going to be wearing that hat!

LELOUCH: Hat? Oh, this. Good timing, C.C., I want you to give this to Sayoko. Tell her to keep wearing it for a week.

C.C.: (having manifested a piece of pizza from somewhere, and now eating it) Oh, so you're into that now~?

LELOUCH: Now's not the time for jokes.

C.C.: Well, that's fine. I just came to get the EU map data anyway.

LELOUCH: You say that _with pizza in your hand._

C.C.: It's fine~. Pizza tastes completely different over there.

MILLY: (back at the top of the stairs with her mic) Um, I understand everyone's enjoying the chitchat, but I'd like the new members who'll be in charge to say hello. Lelouch? Lelouch!

[ Lelouch goes to the front of the room with the others. Rivalz says, "Here's your mic," and hands it to him. ]

LELOUCH: Huh? What? Um, what about Rivalz, Shirley...?

MILLY: They'll have their turn, but we're starting with you. I wrote your greeting speech, so you just have to read it.

LELOUCH: I don't think you can call this a greet--

MILLY: Just do it.

LELOUCH: Okay, fine, fine. Uh... (suddenly in his Zero voice) People! Always compliant with my orders no matter what! My-- (breaking off and turning away from the mic) Wait, what is this?!

SHIRLEY: It's your inauguration speech as the Eternal Vice President.

LELOUCH: Eternal?!

[ Fireworks start. ]


MILLY: Aww, we couldn't finish the speeches in time... Oh, well. Rivalz, take it away!

RIVALZ: Yes, ma'am. Okay, everyone! Please look outside. Right now, at this very moment, we're watching the fireworks. Please remember this view. The world is changing. Not just Area 11, but the homeland has various agendas as well. I'm sure the world is moving towards something. And so will we. From here on out, we will experience many things. Some will be good, others may not go as intended. We may go our separate ways. But please remember this view that we are seeing today. As long as we have this feeling inside us, we will always be friends!

LELOUCH: Rivalz says nice things sometimes.

SHIRLEY: He's really good at things like this.

MILLY: Lelouch, you could learn a thing or two about making speeches from him.



LELOUCH: Rolo, don't laugh.

ROLO: Ah, sorry.

LELOUCH: Actually, we had something like this before. Kallen was there, Nunnally was there, and... (trails away) I wonder if they remember that day. The feelings we had then.

C.C.: People are always changing.

LELOUCH: That's true, but I believe that's why we need a place to go back to.

C.C.: (chuckle) Where is your home? With the Black Knights? With your sister? Or--

LELOUCH: What a foolish question. That's--

C.C.: That's...?

[ The fireworks trail off. ]

MILLY: Okay, Lelouch! Let's do that speech again!

LELOUCH: What? We're still going to do it?!

RIVALZ: Also, could you maybe not give your hat to the maid? Come on, wear your hat and go to the stage and give your speech!

SHIRLEY: Lulu, over here!

CROWD: Lelouch! Lelouch! Lelouch! (clapping)

RIVALZ: Lelouch, your girlfriend's calling for you~

LELOUCH: (weak laughter) Why am I being humiliated...? (sounds of him going up to the stage)

[ End. ]

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