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Libek ([personal profile] rainfall) wrote2016-11-18 12:29 pm

Incoming: translations for Stage 0.97 and Stage 26

These were included with the special edition bluray re-release of Code Geass last year (2015).

The script, a draft of the original conclusion to Stage 25's cliffhanger before the time slot change, was included in tiny print in the R2 booklet, along with some interviews and character profiles that I'll also be looking at. My translation for it is complete and just needs some formatting and to be posted. I'll also provide a scan of the first page so that you all know this is a real thing that exists, not a weird lie for attention :P

Stage 0.97 was one of two new picture dramas (or, as they're called for R2, "Illust Drama") released with the set.

The other, Turn 12.06, was officially translated and included on the US blu ray box set released in October of 2016, along with all the other previously-unreleased Illust Dramas for R2. But Stage 0.97 was not.

My initial pass with Stage 0.97 is complete and I'm currently sharing it with friends and seeking a second pair of ears to confirm it; then I'll be sharing that, too, since it's probably not coming out in English anytime soon.

So yeah I exist still and I'll be crossposting things to whatever CG communities still exist! I also made a tumblr, [tumblr.com profile] rainfall_tumbles!

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