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Libek ([personal profile] rainfall) wrote2013-09-18 08:31 pm

No-Shampoo mini update

Still searching for the right bottles to keep all my stuff in, but I have one winning product I think.

A mini measuring cup, with tablespoon measurements.

This tiny guy can hold up to 4 tablespoons, neatly measured out, and I expect will be easier than using a normal tablespoon. (I've been struggling to keep everything neat, but this would really be useful!)

I think I'm so hard to please when it comes to bottles because I want something cute. I'd like a matching set where one is tiny (about eight ounces) and one is sizable, since you can mix up a much larger quantity of vinegar/water ahead of time, where your baking soda mixture should really be done right before your shower. So far I've had a hard time finding that. X3

Also, STAY AWAY from any kind of bottle with "pump" action -- I got a foaming soap dispenser, and the baking soda one immediately clogged up while the vinegar one created weak frothy spurts that were very hard to get into my hair.

So today at K-Mart, I picked out two 32 oz water bottles (serious overkill for the "shampoo", but only $2.99 a pop) and a set of three multi-size funnels ($3.99) which will either come in handy when I get a smaller bottle for the "shampoo" or... just in general, since we had none and funnels are a pretty basic accouterment of a grown-up kitchen. :|a

They also had the linked mini measuring cup there, but I talked myself out of it because it was $4.99 and I foolishly thought it should be one or the other, the funnels or the measuring cup. Since the funnels were cheaper...

In reality I think I would probably wind up using both the measuring cup AND the funnels. The measuring cup will be easier to pour into but a funnel would probably still come in handy. :D

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