rainfall: (i wanted this to go better :()
Libek ([personal profile] rainfall) wrote2013-09-18 08:26 pm

Super personal update!

Taking Seasonique! AKA the four-periods-a-year pill.

So I think I'm having kind of a "dry period" at the moment. No bleeding, though I know that can happen especially in the beginning -- just cramps. And also some digestive issues, which I usually associate with this time of the month.

I am really super bad at keeping track of my period but I feel like this is also a bit early?? I started taking the pill on like the last day of my period, and I'm one pill from the end of week 3. :|a I guess I'm probably about on course. But we'll see... Maybe I'll have "real" cramps and some spotting next week, and this will just turn out to have been indigestion!

And that concludes my experiences with the pill so far. Nothing else to really report. :D

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