rainfall: Light refracts through glasses on the grass. (rose colored glasses)
Libek ([personal profile] rainfall) wrote2013-08-10 05:26 pm

ludicrously personal information update

I am now in possession of my very own Slut Pills(tm)!

Which is to say that I got a prescription for Seasonique from my brand-new PCP, with my still-pretty-new medical insurance. I want it for one reason and one reason only: periods suck and I would like to have fewer of them.

Mine come with stomach upset and generally make me not want to leave the house for the first day every time, plus also a lot of moodiness. I get depressed more than anything else and that sucks.

But I know it's not one of those hugely-medical-necessary uses of the pill. My period is pretty square in the middle on the scale of "don't even care" to "oh my god why". Average, you know? I do however want to stave off menopause, bleed less, etc etc.

I will keep you guys apprised. YOU WANT TO BE KEPT APPRISED RIGHT?

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