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Libek ([personal profile] rainfall) wrote2013-07-18 10:47 am


Today I did Cardio and [personal profile] sincere did Strength. We are both in agreement that it's just easier today, and I don't even feel that sore right now, which is a tremendous improvement over the last time. And over yesterday, which was miserable.

One tip I can definitely offer the fitness novice like me is: GO UP AND DOWN STAIRS BEFORE WORKING OUT. Also any time your legs are miserably stiff. Walking around helps, but not like going up and down stairs. Do that until your legs hurt less, then start normal stretching etc.

Also, for the record, I technically accidentally cheated by not doing the second round of Cardio. I really really wanted to, but I was talking to [personal profile] sincere and Nike+ decided I was saying I wanted to quit. :( :( :( Boo. I did a 5 minute workout to try to make up for the 13 minute loss, but I am still sad about it.

This is about how I remember it always working, with the second workout being brutal as hell and the third workout starting to be okay, but trying not to jinx myself too much.

For now, I feel good. :D And we're going to DORNEY PARK / WILD WATER KINGDOM. Woo!

New bathing suit from Target. A tankini top with thick crisscross straps in Medium, which is tight enough and supportive enough to at least hold my boobs up, and a bottom that completely does not match it and has cute stars on it. Also a black skirt as a coverup for when we're in Dorney Park, where bikini tops are allowed but bottoms must be under some article of real clothing. (The last time we went, I only had a t-shirt with me, and I spent the whole time trying desperately to pull it down far enough so that it looked like I had on something else as well. It was very self-consciousness- and anxiety-provoking so this time I'm doing better. :D

Oh we also got some workout clothes from Target, tops that whisk moisture and just-below-the-knee fitted yoga pants. I've decided this is my favorite length for workout pants because it covers both the knees (to help protect them a little more from the floor) and the thighs (to help prevent chafing) but not long enough or loose enough to get in the way.

The first day I did it all in tiny jean shorts, and my first pair restricted my range of motion because they weren't tiny enough but the second pair was still uncomfortable. Full-length loose yoga pants I've owned for years, I kept stepping on. (I'm short.)

So there are all sorts of reasons why Day 3 is the best day, I guess. :D