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We own a Wii and Wii Fit. We were doing some work with it pretty regularly for a while, and I would never discourage anyone from doing it, because the best exercise is the one you can actually do regularly.

But I really feel so far like the Kinnect and Nike + Kinnect Training were good investments, a more sophisticated system that probably would never have been invented without the Wii and its enormous success.

Bonuses so far:

1.) An initial assessment of your physical fitness that actually affects the training program you are set up with. (As opposed to your Wii Fit Age, which I'm pretty sure is just for your own edification.)

2.) A scheduled workout. You can choose which days you want to work out on, and the program will give you feedback about the effectiveness of that schedule. You can also make up for missed days and squeeze in extra workouts if you want, two options that I think will help us when we get off track.

3.) Four week intervals to track your progress in a meaningful way. (Checking in every week is too often, checking in only when your deadline for weight loss approaches is too infrequently.)

4.) We haven't been asked for a goal weight yet or a deadline to reach that weight. I think these are actually GOOD things, because getting into better shape is only partially about the numbers on the scale. I especially appreciate it because although I could be ten pounds lighter, most of what I really need here is to get into better shape. Not just toning -- although that's the program I selected -- but reflexes, blood pressure, balance, all of that. I am terrible and kind of fall over right now when I try to stand on one leg for any reason.

5.) We're doing our first actual workout today. We are both giant aching bruises just from the assessment yesterday. (To be fair, we also did some sessions of Kinnect Adventures and Just Dance 4 after we no longer wanted to die.) And I can't emphasize how important it really genuinely is that Nike + Kinnect Training includes warmups and cooldowns. There's some stretching being done here! Thank god.

So far? So good. Of course, we are literally on day 1, and I haven't done mine yet.....

Gonna start doing that RIGHT NOW.

/runs away

ETA: It can be really super frustrating though when the Kinnect misreads you, as it will on occasion. I had less of this today, but yesterday it repeatedly confused my left and right legs, and forced me to do more than one exercise on the same side twice because of this.
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Above are the S'mores Cups that I made tonight.

I love S'mores, but most S'mores-flavored things are pretty inferior to actual S'mores. These little cupcakes, on the other hand, are like the essence of S'mores, and they were really easy to make, from all the same ingredients you would use on actual S'mores. (And as such, if you like your S'mores with dark chocolate or any other substitutions, you can make these in the same way.)

I put an unfinished one into my mouth as soon as they were done being in the oven and immediately came out of the kitchen telling [personal profile] sincere and my little sister that I couldn't wait until we were done with dinner and could eat them, and they laughed at me. When I brought out the tray, my little sister was still full and said, "They're small, right? Maybe I'll just eat one..."

Then, they actually tried them. My sister immediately took a second one and both of them wanted seconds.

And thirds.

THESE ARE DELICIOUS. And all you need is a mini muffin pan and a resealable plastic bag to crush the graham crackers in.

(They could probably also be made as full-sized cupcakes with more graham crackers and twice the chocolate / marshmallow content, if you don't have a mini muffin pan.) (Just sayin'.)


Jul. 11th, 2013 05:01 pm
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I have like a billion posts to catch you DW guys up on but!

Had a kickin' checkin with my boss today and feeling fiiiine. I love my company.

I just bought the X-Men First Class soundtrack from Amazon digitally for $10.99 (I like how they give you MP3s instead of proprietary Apple BS), and I am listening to it while I walk home on my phone because this is the future, and I'm thinking about

apping more people to [community profile] randomizing

like Thor

and Deadpool

because I have no self control or sense of decency pretty much.

You guys still love me right? 8D
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I bought PROJECT ZERO 2: Wii Edition, imported from amazon.co.uk, which is a BEAUTIFUL, beautiful Fatal Frame 4-style remake of Fatal Frame 2. The voice actors are adorably twee British folks, since it was only released in Europe, but whatever. The translation is official and great and the voice acting is great and aieee I'm so happy right now.

(Also, I officially apped Tony Stark into [community profile] randomizing, because... reasons. Also Buffy!)

DO YOU ALSO WANT TO PLAY PROJECT ZERO 2 ON YOUR NSTC WII? No problem! I did it really easily by installing the Homebrew Channel and then Gecko OS. (There's a link to the Homebrew Channel instructions there, if you need it too.) (Also in Gecko's config options I had to set "Force NSTC" to "YES".)

Worth noting that older TVs might have further visual display problems, but our flat screen from a couple of years ago plays the game with no problems at all. If you need more help there are lots of youtube videos out there and devices you can buy.


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We signed the lease an hour ago and met our new landlords, who are amazing and wonderful and so ridiculously accommodating. They plan to pay for upkeep like pest control that I would have expected to take care of ourselves, and just to come by once a month (IF THAT'S NOT TOO INCONVENIENT FOR US, THEY DON'T WANT TO BE INTERFERING!) and see if we need anything. sgjlksd

Click for bigger!!!



oh and btw

Apr. 21st, 2013 09:50 pm
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It was my birthday this week! I am now 29. :D Wooooo
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So, [personal profile] sincere just finished this game.

ME1: Paragon, romanced Liara
ME2: Paragon, romanced Garrus
ME3: Renegon, romanced Garrus

Some things I'm gonna do the same -- I'm a bit of a sucker for Paragon options and don't know if I could handle a full-on Renegade Shep -- but some things I'm gonna do differently. :|a


...I need icons. :(

ETA: SPOILERS. Seriously this is a replay and we are gonna be talking about all the replay stuff, so. BE WARNED. Unmarked spoilers all over the place.
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People have been recommending Haunting Ground to me left and right. The way RelyOnHorror chose to do it today, however, made me feel like this is really not an experience I want to sign up for.

Trigger warning: rape. )

I feel like this game was recommended to me with very good intentions by people who didn't see it the same way this reviewer did, but his interpretation -- and the people in the comments agreeing with him -- has kind of ruined the game for me. Sorry, guys. Listening to someone glorify this yuck at length just made me super uncomfortable. :(
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Today I completely failed to stick with this diet for the first time, really, in five weeks.

I wasn't feeling well and it was rainy and I needed to concentrate, etc etc. I'm not going to obsess over it, I'm going to just pick up tomorrow like normal. Call today a wash. :D And have my normal feast day tomorrow.

One bump can be discouraging but doesn't have any real impact on weight loss. If I don't lose my pound this week, I'll be like WELP THAT WAS WEDNESDAY'S FAULT, but that's as far as it's going.

Still, I didn't want to give into the temptation to not record the failure in any way, you know? Just wanna admit it, get it on record, and move onnnn.
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Some old thoughts I gathered up while re-reading all of the logs we have for Caged, and which deserved some kind of blog post.

Not everyone is going to like your favorite movie, and you just have to deal with that. It's not tragic, it's just part of life. Some of us like chocolate and some of us like vanilla and some of us like both but differing preferences are no reason to be upset.

Still, I read a review that picked two particularly silly nits with this movie, so here goes.


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I think I am genuinely giving up on foundation again for a while.

I have tried a number of products now -- some of them in smart ways, like going to Sephora or Macy's and getting a sample, and some in not-so-smart ways, like buying a whole tube from a drug store -- and I am just not really satisfied with the results.

I'm also turning 29 this year, so maybe I'm still kind of young to "worry" about foundation, and I should just stick with moisturizer with concealer as needed.

Further babble goes here. )

Anyway, these were my thoughts. Hope you enjoyed!
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Yeah, that's right.

We're gonna play it.

The first one!!!

We also have the other three two. :D
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I AM ONLY 5'2.5'' OKAY. :( My goal weight is very reasonable for my height!!! )

The important thing is that I'm losing about two pounds a week, same as [personal profile] sincere. She did a much better write up here.

Alternate day fasting is awesome.
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...Yeah, I think I'm done.

Which is not to say I finished it. Nope. I'm just done. )

Let me take a moment here to reiterate: I loved Downpour. Downpour may be my favorite game in the series at this point. If you haven't given it a chance, go check it out.
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The last time we left our "hero":

Main Character, here called Jane, was going to GET HERSELF A BOYFRIEND.
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I've still only finished the first level, but I'm -- feeling a little underwhelmed about the narrative, suddenly.

SILENT HILL games have never been rife with cut scenes or anything, and there have been occasional moments in the past where I wanted to smack a character around a little for not having any kind of visible reaction to the horror unfolding around them, but this game has done something very weird to me. :|a

Spoilers to follow! )
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So far, so good. I have still cheated on the one day only (last Saturday), and today when I weighed myself I found that I had lost two pounds since last Saturday. :3

It's not ASTONISHING progress, but it is amazing for how little effort we are putting into this. And today we're going to go to iHop to have pancakes for dinner. And also to our local diner to have pancakes for breakfast. And we are giving no fucks. :D

Also I feel like my super-tight jeans are already more comfortable. But that may be me hallucinating.

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Whoo hour two! Which will mostly be re-doing the last board because :|a I need health items...
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I actually already started this game BUT I'M STARTING OVER JUST FOR YOU.

Yes, YOU. You know who you are. Stop looking around, I'm not standing behind you. I'm hiding in the closet.
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I just had a dream about a Dragon Age-style game.

It was very typical DA stuff, fantasy game, main character trying to solve everyone's problems and bring about Peace in the Land. Fine game. Don't remember too many of the details.

Except for one thing, which BioWare had better never add to it.

Towards the end of the game, I took brief control over a completely gormless side character. This side character was a random townsperson who got assigned the duty of delivering one of my messages, and I didn't get to pick what she looked like -- fine -- but she also had no name. At all. Which seemed a little weird, but made me think, well, random thing, okay. So me and Gormless delivered the message, and then there was an immediate crisis and Gormless wound up being a little bit of help in smoothing things over between the races.

It doesn't sound too bad so far, right? Right. It was almost sort of neat, because no one has any respect for Gormless, so her influence is very limited. Maybe intended to be a "behind the scenes" sort of moment.

After a while, you switch back to your player character, and things continue normally, though you see Gormless in the background once or twice.

But then you go back to playing as Gormless, and this happens once or twice more, including a scene where you have to pick out jewelry for Gormless to wear to a celebration dinner, and you know what?

Every. Single. Minor. Choice. That you make as Gormless. Decides things I'd rather have been able to decide myself.

For example, choosing the jewelry? That SOMEHOW tells the game which of the eligible bachelors and bachelorettes your main character gets to dance with later!

What the hell. :(

Anyway, I feel like this game-dream was partially related to my having played a bit of Book of Memories last night, which was really awesome and which has a bunch of things where you are encouraged by the game to make choices completely blindly. But that WORKS in a Silent Hill game, and my only sadness is that I can make one particular choice very baldly and I wish it were handled differently. But that review is upcoming. :D

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