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Official names taken from my brand-new spankin' Lost Colors Perfect Guide.

There's a nice map of the "scenarios", showing...

START: After you reach Ashford Academy, you're found by Milly and Lelouch, and the game starts.

PROLOGUE: (Referring to the part of the story after you've chosen a name for your character, which repeats on each new game.) From the prologue, there are six different scenarios, with eleven diverging routes through them.

On the first playthrough, you are automatically and irrevocably placed on the "Geass" Chapter. Until you've cleared it, you won't be able to enter any other chapter.

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What they are: apparently a semi-regular NewType Romance feature? Questions asked of Suzaku and answered in-character, from a February 2007 issue.
Translated by: me!

You can find Lelouch's version here, also translated by me / [personal profile] rainfall.

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What they are: apparently a semi-regular NewType Romance feature? Questions asked of Lelouch and answered in-character, from a February 2007 issue.
Translated by: me!

You can find Suzaku's version here, also translated by me / [personal profile] rainfall.

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What It Is: Picture Drama 10! It was included with the collector's edition blu ray for R2, released in 2015. Please enjoy!

Translated by: me, with help from the lovely [tumblr.com profile] touchreceptors!
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WHAT IT IS: A draft for the original second-part conclusion of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. It was included with the collector's edition blu ray for R2, released in 2015. Please enjoy!

I will also be cross-posting this to my new tumblr, [tumblr.com profile] rainfall_tumbles, just like with all of my other translations. Follow there or here. :) Whichever works best.

But lbr, we all know that long text posts on tumblr are sort of awful...

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These were included with the special edition bluray re-release of Code Geass last year (2015).

The script, a draft of the original conclusion to Stage 25's cliffhanger before the time slot change, was included in tiny print in the R2 booklet, along with some interviews and character profiles that I'll also be looking at. My translation for it is complete and just needs some formatting and to be posted. I'll also provide a scan of the first page so that you all know this is a real thing that exists, not a weird lie for attention :P

Stage 0.97 was one of two new picture dramas (or, as they're called for R2, "Illust Drama") released with the set.

The other, Turn 12.06, was officially translated and included on the US blu ray box set released in October of 2016, along with all the other previously-unreleased Illust Dramas for R2. But Stage 0.97 was not.

My initial pass with Stage 0.97 is complete and I'm currently sharing it with friends and seeking a second pair of ears to confirm it; then I'll be sharing that, too, since it's probably not coming out in English anytime soon.

So yeah I exist still and I'll be crossposting things to whatever CG communities still exist! I also made a tumblr, [tumblr.com profile] rainfall_tumbles!
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So, Marvel's Agents of SHIELD premiered this week, and... damn, it sure hit the spot. In just one episode, we felt the true power of the Marvel Cinematic Universe: there were references to Thor, references to The Incredible Hulk, so many references to The Avengers, and -- perhaps most satisfying of all -- references to Iron Man 3.

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Hi so um :3

Siorth and Faith had a clutch, as did Loth and Merrith!

After the cut, observe their babies.

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Still searching for the right bottles to keep all my stuff in, but I have one winning product I think.

A mini measuring cup, with tablespoon measurements.

This tiny guy can hold up to 4 tablespoons, neatly measured out, and I expect will be easier than using a normal tablespoon. (I've been struggling to keep everything neat, but this would really be useful!)

I think I'm so hard to please when it comes to bottles because I want something cute. I'd like a matching set where one is tiny (about eight ounces) and one is sizable, since you can mix up a much larger quantity of vinegar/water ahead of time, where your baking soda mixture should really be done right before your shower. So far I've had a hard time finding that. X3

Also, STAY AWAY from any kind of bottle with "pump" action -- I got a foaming soap dispenser, and the baking soda one immediately clogged up while the vinegar one created weak frothy spurts that were very hard to get into my hair.

So today at K-Mart, I picked out two 32 oz water bottles (serious overkill for the "shampoo", but only $2.99 a pop) and a set of three multi-size funnels ($3.99) which will either come in handy when I get a smaller bottle for the "shampoo" or... just in general, since we had none and funnels are a pretty basic accouterment of a grown-up kitchen. :|a

They also had the linked mini measuring cup there, but I talked myself out of it because it was $4.99 and I foolishly thought it should be one or the other, the funnels or the measuring cup. Since the funnels were cheaper...

In reality I think I would probably wind up using both the measuring cup AND the funnels. The measuring cup will be easier to pour into but a funnel would probably still come in handy. :D
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Taking Seasonique! AKA the four-periods-a-year pill.

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Reminded by this post on my dash the other day, I checked on Netflix and Grave Encounters and Grave Encounters 2 are both still available to stream. Awesome.

If you've got a Netflix account and you're a fan of found footage horror -- or at least open to seeing one done right -- then you should definitely check these out. What have you got to lose?!

There are some caveats. I'll try to avoid spoilers for the first part of this post, so feel free to read on down. I'll tell you when to stop!

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Still going strong on my experiment. :)

So far I've had several days where I wanted to try skipping shampoo altogether and two where I actually did, but I think for me personally this was jumping the gun. I've been a shower-every-single-day girl pretty much since I was a kid, and when I have a bad day or a crampy day or a sick day I sometimes take a bath too. (Just to relax and soak, kinda Japanese-style I guess, but still!)

What I'm saying is that it's probably going to be a few months realistically before my hair is really used to not being completely stripped of oils and I'm able to go a day without shampooing.

Also too I didn't have a shower cap (this looks interesting), so once I rinsed my hair with cold water and once I tried to keep it dry, but neither time did I actually succeed in keeping it completely dry, making it harder to tell. I tend to take quite hot showers, so I know that even just the water itself is probably stripping my hair of oils. Working on that... :( But not there yet.

I haven't really made any changes to my routine so far, but I think I have the best luck with actually a quite diluted solution of water / baking soda, 2 tbsp to 9 tbsp water, poured over my entire head. (Later, when my hair gets less oily, I'll be restricting most of the baking soda to my roots.) I follow this up with a miniature scalp massage, then I count to 180 while doing the rest of my shower routine.

I try to turn down the heat some, rinse my "shampoo" out thoroughly, then again apply the apple cider vinegar mix to my entire head. (2 tbsp to 8 tbsp water.) I work this through my hair with my fingers, then turn all the hot water off and rinse my hair out thoroughly with cold water.

I finish the whole thing off by wrapping my head with my Turkish towel.

(Why this particular kind of towel? Because it's super-thin and 100% cotton. Mostly recommended for the curly-haired, this is the theory behind the T-Shirt Towel tip. And if you don't have $17 to blow on a new towel, a t-shirt will work just as well. :) Personally, I find this tip just makes my straight-to-wavy hair look much nicer -- plus, it helps the hair to dry way faster without using a hairdryer! And since longer hair drying time is one of the few downfalls to skipping shampoo...... well, you get the idea, right? ;) )

As a final step, today I'm going to try putting a little bit of essential oils on my hair brush. It was probably just an illusion or coincidence, but the few times I tried putting the essential oils in the conditioner, I thought they made my hair tangle a tiny bit more easily than without. But darn it, I want that nice smell, and the put-it-on-the-comb-or-hairbrush theory is something I read from other people. :) So why not give it a shot!

Seriously, anyone reading this, I have been SO happy with my hair these last two weeks. I keep peeking into mirrors and smiling at it. >.>;; Completely worth the effort of getting started, I promise you.
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It's kind of hard to tell because my hair is still wet, but I feel better about the routine, at least, than I did back when I was just not using shampoo full stop.

I mixed:

2 tbsp baking powder with 8 tbsp water
3 tbsp apple cider vinegar with 12 tbsp water

The idea is 1-2 part baking powder to 4 parts water, with more or less baking powder depending on how oily your hair is and more or less of the whole mixture depending on how much hair you have. So, shoulder-length like me, 9 or 10 tbsp of mixture total. More tablespoons at the same ratio for more hair.

The apple cider vinegar mix should always be 1 part vinegar, 4 parts water.

So I scrubbed the baking soda into my hair, let it sit for three minutes. (It's one to three minutes, but my hair gets greasy by the end of the DAY, so.) Then I rinsed it out with warm water.

Everything I read cautioned me that I might get some of this stuff in my eyes, by the way, and yeeeeah I totally did, ugh. When my squeeze bottles get here on the 4th, I'll use them instead of tupperware and it'll be better.

I used the vinegar to rinse my hair out, turned the water temperature down to very cool, and rinsed the vinegar out of my hair.

My hair totally smells like vinegar right now, but the lavender oil will get here on the 4th too, and then the smell will be better. :D

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you use this method, your hair will take longer to dry! As is demonstrated by my hair still being weeeet.
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Started my Pill yesterday :3

When you get any kind of BC pill, apparently you're supposed to start it DURING your next period, and everything is labeled for a Sunday start, but a) my doctor told me that's purely cosmetic -- a "Subday start" so that your period will be over by the weekend??? I don't remember the details because she told me it didn't matter~ -- and b) my period was going to be over by then.

But thank god I checked? Because I totally thought I was supposed to start after it was OVER and then I would have had to wait another month dghdfh

ALSO, I'm trying the no-shampoo thing again, this time with a baking soda and vinegar rinse.

Supposedly the idea is 1-2 tbsp baking soda + enough water to make a paste. Work that through your hair, especially roots / scalp, leave it in for 1-3 minutes (depending on your hair's oiliness), then rinse it out.

Next, apple cider vinegar + 1-3 drops of lavender essential oils (just for the smell, because the vinegar will make you reek), and finish by rinsing your hair with COLD water.

Start by doing this as often as you currently shampoo, later you'll be able to do it less often.

I have a good feeling about this because I shower every day and my hair gets really greasy if I go without shampoo and after THREE MONTHS it had still not recovered so I previously had to throw in the towel. But wish me luck.
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I am now in possession of my very own Slut Pills(tm)!

Which is to say that I got a prescription for Seasonique from my brand-new PCP, with my still-pretty-new medical insurance. I want it for one reason and one reason only: periods suck and I would like to have fewer of them.

Mine come with stomach upset and generally make me not want to leave the house for the first day every time, plus also a lot of moodiness. I get depressed more than anything else and that sucks.

But I know it's not one of those hugely-medical-necessary uses of the pill. My period is pretty square in the middle on the scale of "don't even care" to "oh my god why". Average, you know? I do however want to stave off menopause, bleed less, etc etc.

I will keep you guys apprised. YOU WANT TO BE KEPT APPRISED RIGHT?
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So, I have not played this game. Neither has [personal profile] sincere. We know very little about it except that

a.) they put a lady on the cover and everyone was really mad
b.) it's awesome

so, no spoilers, okay guys?!

Thanks. :D
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Today, while desperately struggling to get through Lunge 1.5s, which are my worst exercise by far, I discovered

a secret.

Last year, when I had food poisoning, [personal profile] sincere told me that she'd read about a wacky phenomenon where (women especially?) (people in general?) find, like, pain and nausea easier to endure when thinking about porn. :|a

So I decided to apply this technique.

With its help, I actually got through the Lunge 1.5s without stopping for the first time ever!

Here is what I thought about, as best as I can recreate it:

Thor/Loki smut to follow! )
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Today I did Cardio and [personal profile] sincere did Strength. We are both in agreement that it's just easier today, and I don't even feel that sore right now, which is a tremendous improvement over the last time. And over yesterday, which was miserable.

One tip I can definitely offer the fitness novice like me is: GO UP AND DOWN STAIRS BEFORE WORKING OUT. Also any time your legs are miserably stiff. Walking around helps, but not like going up and down stairs. Do that until your legs hurt less, then start normal stretching etc.

Also, for the record, I technically accidentally cheated by not doing the second round of Cardio. I really really wanted to, but I was talking to [personal profile] sincere and Nike+ decided I was saying I wanted to quit. :( :( :( Boo. I did a 5 minute workout to try to make up for the 13 minute loss, but I am still sad about it.

This is about how I remember it always working, with the second workout being brutal as hell and the third workout starting to be okay, but trying not to jinx myself too much.

For now, I feel good. :D And we're going to DORNEY PARK / WILD WATER KINGDOM. Woo!

New bathing suit from Target. A tankini top with thick crisscross straps in Medium, which is tight enough and supportive enough to at least hold my boobs up, and a bottom that completely does not match it and has cute stars on it. Also a black skirt as a coverup for when we're in Dorney Park, where bikini tops are allowed but bottoms must be under some article of real clothing. (The last time we went, I only had a t-shirt with me, and I spent the whole time trying desperately to pull it down far enough so that it looked like I had on something else as well. It was very self-consciousness- and anxiety-provoking so this time I'm doing better. :D

Oh we also got some workout clothes from Target, tops that whisk moisture and just-below-the-knee fitted yoga pants. I've decided this is my favorite length for workout pants because it covers both the knees (to help protect them a little more from the floor) and the thighs (to help prevent chafing) but not long enough or loose enough to get in the way.

The first day I did it all in tiny jean shorts, and my first pair restricted my range of motion because they weren't tiny enough but the second pair was still uncomfortable. Full-length loose yoga pants I've owned for years, I kept stepping on. (I'm short.)

So there are all sorts of reasons why Day 3 is the best day, I guess. :D
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We own a Wii and Wii Fit. We were doing some work with it pretty regularly for a while, and I would never discourage anyone from doing it, because the best exercise is the one you can actually do regularly.

But I really feel so far like the Kinnect and Nike + Kinnect Training were good investments, a more sophisticated system that probably would never have been invented without the Wii and its enormous success.

Bonuses so far:

1.) An initial assessment of your physical fitness that actually affects the training program you are set up with. (As opposed to your Wii Fit Age, which I'm pretty sure is just for your own edification.)

2.) A scheduled workout. You can choose which days you want to work out on, and the program will give you feedback about the effectiveness of that schedule. You can also make up for missed days and squeeze in extra workouts if you want, two options that I think will help us when we get off track.

3.) Four week intervals to track your progress in a meaningful way. (Checking in every week is too often, checking in only when your deadline for weight loss approaches is too infrequently.)

4.) We haven't been asked for a goal weight yet or a deadline to reach that weight. I think these are actually GOOD things, because getting into better shape is only partially about the numbers on the scale. I especially appreciate it because although I could be ten pounds lighter, most of what I really need here is to get into better shape. Not just toning -- although that's the program I selected -- but reflexes, blood pressure, balance, all of that. I am terrible and kind of fall over right now when I try to stand on one leg for any reason.

5.) We're doing our first actual workout today. We are both giant aching bruises just from the assessment yesterday. (To be fair, we also did some sessions of Kinnect Adventures and Just Dance 4 after we no longer wanted to die.) And I can't emphasize how important it really genuinely is that Nike + Kinnect Training includes warmups and cooldowns. There's some stretching being done here! Thank god.

So far? So good. Of course, we are literally on day 1, and I haven't done mine yet.....

Gonna start doing that RIGHT NOW.

/runs away

ETA: It can be really super frustrating though when the Kinnect misreads you, as it will on occasion. I had less of this today, but yesterday it repeatedly confused my left and right legs, and forced me to do more than one exercise on the same side twice because of this.

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